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Sep 24 2014 -

New Mounts Available

e have expanded our product offers and have added further buyable mounts for you.

Brand-new travelling companions are waiting to accompany you on your adventures. Check out the section Mounts under Products Available on your account management site.

Besides the three new panda-like mounts siegebreaker, poisonbane, blackpelt, and the new impressive demon elk in its three different variations, all other buyable mounts are still available.

However, if you are interested in either the platesaurian, the azudocus, or the carpacosaurus, this will be your last chance to get them. In 14 days from now on, these offers will be removed.

Once bought and assigned to one of your characters, you can ride the mount ingame whenever you want, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

Ride on!
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