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Sep 24 2014 -
Content Fixes and Changes
ith today's server save, we implemented a few content fixes and changes, for example:

Dawnport issues:
  • Once you are level 20 you cannot leave the temple upstairs anymore.
  • The orc berserker has been removed.
  • It is not possible anymore to transfer items from Dawnport to Rookgaard.
  • The vocation equipment of the vocations chests cannot be thrown back to Dawnport any longer.
  • NPC Garamond no longer sells energy wave nor does he offer summon spells.
  • PvP is not possible anymore inside the outpost.
Animation and graphic issues:
  • Missing frames have been added to the animation of the invisible spell.
  • Items sink now if they are thrown on lava fields. Furthermore, the lava riddle in the pits of inferno works again as intended. Also, it is possible again to reach Pythius the Rotten.
  • The speed of the animations in the stand-alone client has been adjusted.
  • Small issues with the female conjurer outfit and the kingly deer mount have been fixed.
  • Some minor graphic bugs have been fixed as well.
  • We addressed an issue which allowed players to leave the Isle of Destiny with the wrong level.
  • If you lost the Nature Magic Spellbook during the Secret Service Quest, you can now get the permission from NPC Emma to obtain the book again.
  • Captain Tiberius on Travora now brings you always back to the city where you originally came from.
  • It is not possible anymore to block the NPC Rabaz and the raid boss Fernfang.
  • From now on, only premium players are allowed to enter the fury gates.
  • An issue that caused a crash of the Tibia Flash client (for example due to closing backpacks very fast) has been fixed.
  • An issue with the display of unjustified points has been fixed.
  • It is not possible anymore to use the runes animate dead and convince creature on other players. Also, when used, both runes as well as the rune disintegrate, do not count as aggressive actions any longer.
  • An issue with magic walls on hardcore game worlds has been fixed.
  • Some map bugs and typos have been fixed.

Together with these changes, a new client version will be available. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.56 from our download section.

See you in Tibia!
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