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Oct 06 2014 -
Retro Open PvP
s this really the best I could make of my life? Hunting disgusting and gigantic, but also dangerous and stinky bugs over and over again. The scholars call them ancient scarabs. Ancient… that sounds just too honourable for such an ugly creature. Anyway, it's not my business to question the academics or to bother about the names of some oversized insects. I'm a warrior and I guess it is my fate to fight against the evil in all it forms and thereby I protect the Tibian lands...

Follow me, comrades. He must be near. My exiva told me that he is downstairs, and of course totally clueless what will happen to him in a second. Harhar. It will be a bad surprise for him, bad and deadly. Hahahaha. You two there, join our party now! So, everybody got a green skull? Great, let's go!

Mh. I'm running out of supplies. I will do a last round and then head back to the town to refill my resources. I should also sell my loot to get some capacity back, and maybe I can find a buddy to join me hunting. It's better to do that together. Anyway, last round now…

Okay guys, he's down there. Two of us block the stairs, the rest goes after him. Knights ahead, mages close behind. Use your magic walls and wild growth runes to trap him. He should be easy prey for an experienced PK team like we are. Ready? Go!

Now what's that? I hear the clang of arms and a harsh voice shouting commands. It comes right from the stairs. Sounds like a raiding party. Are they coming for me? Am I hunted or is it just a random PK team on a killing spree?... Oh alas! So many against one? That is a well prepared trap, but I won't give up without a fight... TAKE THIS COWARDS!

exori gran
utura gran
Using one of 30 mana potions...
Using one of 2 great health potions...
You healed yourself for 190 hitpoints
You lose 130 hitpoints due to an attack
You lose 257 hitpoints due to an attack
You lose 86 hitpoints due to an attack
Using the last great health potion.

Hehe. Well, at least he didn't run like a chicken. Now, let's see what we got here. An empty body? Oh darn!… he was blessed. Oh grrr… Well, swearing will get us nowhere. Hurry up, men! We need to kill him again before he will get his blessings back. I don't want to come home empty-handed today. You both there, yes you two with the white skulls, search for a hide out! I don't want to sustain any casualties… Who knows if that fighter has some friends who are eager to take revenge. Besides, you both can't even travel. Don't moan! You only have to hide for about a quarter of an hour... what are you waiting for? Go now! And the rest of us: Exiva him and get ready for the next round. Let's roll!

Well, that escalated quickly. Yes Quentin, I DO respect the purity of this place. Holy… Please let me alone. I need to check if I lost anything. Mh… Saved by the bell. Blessedly, everything is where it should be. So, quickly to the White Flower Temple to get protection back. Who knows what will happen next?

Haha! Told you, mates. I knew he would leave protection zone to get his blessings back. No mercy, comrades. Attack!

Oh my... not again. They are fast.... Not so easy, old fart. This time, I'll give you a fight you'll remember.

exura ico
exori gran

I guess I talked too big… Those guys are way too hard for me. Time to go back into the safety of Quentin's temple. Oh no… I can't enter the temple anymore... Aaaah...
... Yes Quentin, I know… respect the purity of this place… I know…

Haha. Nice one guys! Well done! You see a jewelled backpack (Vol:22). What a pretty backpack, and a well-filled one as well. Great! Let's meet at our secret gathering place to split the loot...

In July this year, we surprised the community with a flashing news: The plan to develop Retro Open PvP Worlds.

Right after this announcement, many of you were eagerly waiting for more news and details about our retro project. Finally, your patience and your persistence will be awarded. After weeks of detailed investigations, internal discussions, and restoring of old mechanisms, the waiting has come to an end.
With today's server save, a preview phase of the upcoming retro PvP system has started on both preview game worlds, Aurora and Aurera. With this preview, we want to test if all features we plan for Retro Open PvP worlds, work as intended.
In order to give you an overview about the changes that await you during the preview, here is a short summary:
  • 2 Unjusts, which means: No matter how many characters took part in an unjustified PvP kill, only the character that dealt the most damage and the character that dealt the final blow will face consequences.
  • No Ghosting (or its predecessor swapping), which means: Everybody always blocks all other characters anywhere.
  • No Fair Fight Rules, which means: No matter how many attackers took part in a PvP kill, the death penalty of the victim will not be reduced.
  • No Twist of Fate, which means: There is no additional blessing that will protect you from losing your normal blessings in case of a PvP death.
  • Return of the Green Skull, which means: Friendly fire in parties is possible again. Also, you can train your skills online once again together with other party members.
  • PZ block for everyone, which means: No matter if you are the aggressor or the defender, as long as you take part in a fight, you will get a PZ block.
  • No expert PvP mode, which means: You cannot activate any other PvP modes. You only have the option to turn secure mode on and off.
  • No PvP frames, which means: Brown, orange, and yellow frames under your character are disabled, when it comes to PvP.
In addition, we have prepared some questions and answers that might have come to your mind while reading this article. Please read them before you head over to the world boards of Aurora and Aurera, or the Auditorium to leave your feedback:

How long will the preview phase last and what are our plans afterwards?

The preview phase will last as long as it is necessary to be sure that everything works as intended. While we cannot give you a concrete timeframe, we expect it to be running for at least one week. The next step after the preview is to release the new worlds in a timely manner.

How many Retro Open PvP worlds will there be?

Currently, we plan to start with two new Retro Open PvP worlds that are blocked for world transfers: One located in North America and one located in Europe.
Furthermore, we plan to set up two Retro Open PvP worlds on which world transfers are allowed. Most likely, we will transform the free-to-move Hardcore PvP game worlds Calva and Calvera into two Retro Open PvP worlds. It is planned to give inhabitants the choice to stay or to use a world transfer voucher. Please keep in mind that it will only possible to move back to a game world of the same PvP-type as the original world or to an even more restricted PvP. More information about what exactly will happen with Calva and Calvera and the community there, will follow in due time.

When do we plan to launch the new game worlds?

That depends on the preview phase. If everything works as intended you can expect the new Retro Open PvP worlds soon.

What will be the names of the new Retro Open PvP worlds?

While we plan to keep Calva and Calvera as names for the Retro Open PvP worlds that allow world transfers, we have not yet decided how to name the other two worlds. This is where you all come into play. Do you have any ideas on how we should call them? Let us know in the corresponding thread in the Auditorium. Submit as many name proposals as you want for the two new game worls. The names for both locations should sound similar, just like they do for Aurora and Aurera, or Calva and Calvera. We will collect our favourite names and then start a poll with this selection, where you can vote for the names you like best. Since we will already prepare the launch of the Retro Open PvP worlds, while the preview is running, we need your name suggestions quickly. Therefore, we will start the poll tomorrow afternoon already, so you have only time to submit your name ideas until tomorrow, 10:00 CEST. The poll will only last for about one day, as well. So, get creative and let us know!

Will we add other features to the Retro Open PvP worlds or do we plan to set up other game worlds with older versions of Tibia?

Right now, we have no plans for further features or to launch other worlds with an older version of the game. Our first step is this preview and afterwards, the set up of the first retro PvP worlds with the features mentioned above. Of course, nothing is carved into stone and we will see what the future will bring.

Further details about the preview can be found in the corresponding announcements and threads on Aurora's and Aurera's world boards. Our product manager Umrath will take care of the threads and do his best to answer your questions about the preview there.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers