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Oct 15 2014 -
Retro Open PvP Worlds Online
inally! The long-awaited Retro Open PvP worlds will be launched in the course of the day!

Calva and Calvera have already been switched to Retro Open PvP with today's server save. Both are free-to-move worlds which means that characters from all game world types can move to them. Please note that once there you cannot move a character to a Hardcore PvP world anymore.

The two new Retro Open PvP worlds Morta and Mortera will go online this afternoon. However, you can already create characters there. These worlds are blocked for character world transfers. Initially, only premium accounts will be able to play there.

Here is a short summary of the features that await you on Retro Open PvP worlds:
  • 2 Unjusts, which means: No matter how many characters took part in an unjustified PvP kill, only the character that dealt the most damage and the character that dealt the final blow will face consequences.
  • No Ghosting (or its predecessor swapping), which means: Everybody always blocks all other characters anywhere.
  • No Fair Fight Rules, which means: No matter how many attackers took part in a PvP kill, the death penalty of the victim will not be reduced.
  • No Twist of Fate, which means: There is no additional blessing that will protect you from losing your normal blessings in case of a PvP death.
  • Return of the Green Skull, which means: Friendly fire in parties is possible again. Also, you can train your skills online once again together with other party members.
  • PZ block for everyone, which means: No matter if you are the aggressor or the defender, as long as you take part in a fight, you will get a PZ block.
  • No expert PvP mode, which means: You cannot activate any other PvP modes. You only have the option to turn secure mode on and off.
  • No PvP frames, which means: Brown, orange, and yellow frames under your character are disabled, when it comes to PvP.
Check our current featured article for more information about Retro Open PvP worlds.

With today's server save the Retro Open PvP preview phase on Aurora and Aurera has ended. Both worlds have been switched back to normal Open PvP.

Have fun with Retro PvP!
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