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Nov 05 2014 -
The Challenger III
pecial Issue Thais, Venore, Carlin: 99 gps / Svargrond, Port Hope, Darashia: 120 gps / Liberty Bay: 129 gps


- Quests are for Heroes -
Dear readers, subscribers, and fans of THE CHALLENGER,

After a long and extensive break, we are finally back to entertain our loyal readers with stories, facts and rumours about Tibia and its inhabitants. Malicious gossip had it that THE CHALLENGER is broke and may have to declare bankruptcy. Obviously, that is not true. Actually, the editors and the whole team spent the last months with a lot of investigation about the recently discovered city of Rathleton and the research of many other things.
Furthermore, we worked on something new and we are proud to present you our brand-new section Job Offers. In this section, we will give you a short overview on what kind of jobs are currently offered and which qualifications are needed.
What are you waiting for? Satisfy your curiosity and read this special issue of THE CHALLENGER!

Your Challengers
Attention, Attention:

Brandon alive!

The long missed and presumed dead Brandon (editor's note: Brandon, an inhabitant of Rathleton, is the founder of the local bed and breakfast; according to his wife he used to be a passionate fisherman as well) has been sighted at the northwestern shore of Oramond. Any information concerning his whereabouts should be immediately reported to his wife Roswhita.

THE CHALLENGER has already sent one of its best journalists to go into that matter. Don't miss the next special issue with an extra article where we will present the results of our investigations.

Job Offers in and around Rathleton

Eyes Eyes Baby: The blind scientist Georgia Rainbird is looking for men and women who are willing to help her with some glooth affairs. Qualifications: Courage, technical understanding, healthy eyes.

Has No Gloo(th): The former laboratory assistant Elbert is missing his property. Bandits have stolen some of his glooth-filled supply capsules. People who are interested in this job should visit Elbert and ask for further instructions. Qualifications: Combat experience, fearlessness, sense of direction.

Wants To Fly High: The scientist Zeronex is doing some research regarding the use of heavy glooth gases in order to develop a flying machine and is looking for some assistants. Personal applications are requested. Qualifications: Faith in technology, patience.

Careworm: Wesley, the maintainer of the gloothworm farm worries about his creatures and the farm. All applicants are welcome. Qualifications: None.

The Lion's Rock

For some time past, we have received many reports about a new and unknown species of lions. Of course, we tried to follow up every rumour and other traces but unfortunately, our efforts came to nothing. We could not find any proof about the existence of such a creature, no matter how hard we searched. However, last week one of our Daraman correspondents found a promising hint:

North of Darashia, he discovered a rock formation. The nomades call it the Lion's Rock. They also warn strangers that only the worthy will be able to lift the secret of this place and to survive the threats which are waiting inside the rock. "Nothing but death awaits you, if you try to break the peace of these majestic creatures without the right to enter their realm. Though, if you can convince them that you have a heart of a lion yourself, they might even bow to you.", so said one of their tribal leaders. That just sounds like the right thing for all of us, doesn't it? A real challenge!

Reader's Letter: What's going on on Nargor?


a few days ago, I travelled to Nargor in order to help the rebels on Meriana and to kill as many pirates as possible. I have done that quite often in the past already, but that day it was different. For the first time, I met a pirate there who talked to me instead of trying to slit my throat. Her name was One-Eyed Joe, not necessary to explain her name I guess, and if I may add, she looked very pretty for a pirate. Anyway, she told me a weird story about a place called crystal gardens and an old evil that has to be destroyed. I am not sure if she spoke the truth, but in my opinion it sounded like a good story for you. I hope you will send out a team and soon tell us more about these crystal gardens.

A pirate's death