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Nov 10 2014 -
Smoke Under Water
-Quests are for Heroes-
Subject: Reader's Letter


In your last special issue you told us about Brandon, a passionate fisherman. For a long time, the whole population of Rathleton, including Brandon's wife Roswitha, believed that he fell victim to the churning sea. A short while ago, though, he has been sighted at the northwestern shore of Oramond. You also said that you will tell us more about him in your next special issue and that is, why we are writing you this letter.

As fans and admirers of THE CHALLENGER, my brother and I decided to start some research on our own.
We left Rathleton to the North, passing the Olde Coaching Inn, the Old Coach House, and the Ramora Spring Shrine. We fought our way through devourers, glooth blobs, rot elementals, blood beasts, and all kind of quara scouts. Surprisingly, we found Brandon faster than we thought.
As you reported, he is to the northwest and he is surrounded by bold cliffs. He is stranded on a very, very small island between those cliffs and we had to swim to reach him. Something really bad must have happened to him. He does not look like a human anymore but more like a living dead...

He did not talk too much. Maybe a consequence of whatever has happened to him. Anyway, he asked us for help. He lost his wedding ring down in the ocean and wants it back. Unfortunately, he is too afraid to search on his own.
"You want to go down? Go ahead. I certainly wouldn't"!, he said.
Out of curiosity, we told him that we would gladly help him to get his ring back:
"Thank you. I ask much, I know. You will meet horrible creatures that never saw the light of day, and they will come at you. But I hope you will make it back alive. ..."
That sounded like the right thing for us. A new area to explore, new enemies to fight, a true challenge all in all. We swam to a maelstrom nearby which brought us to the bottom of the ocean.

What we found there, was just stunning. It was not the first time that we travelled underwater but I swear, I have never seen such a huge and impressive realm. Unfortunately, we were not prepared for such an excursion. The area is too large, and we did not have enough provisions or combat supplies with us. Also, in honesty and sincerity, the "horrible creatures", as Brandon called them, almost scared us to death. We only saw them from afar, but what we saw made us runů
My brother, who is a talented artist, drew a sketch which is attached to this letter, so you can get an idea of these monsters. We both are sure that a lot of secrets are hidden down there. We also heard some noises that sounded like an erupting volcano. Yes, an underwater volcano! Well, as said, our hearts dived, literally, and our only thought was to escape quickly. I guess it is not necessary to tell that we also failed to bring back Brandon's wedding ring...

We are deeply ashamed that we are such cowards and fled but not everyone is born to be a hero. We both hope to read more about this place in your next special issue.

the (not so brave) twins