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Nov 13 2014 -
Wanted for High Treason Against the City of Rathleton
nnouncement by the Magistrate of Rathleton:


-For High Treason Against the City of Rathleton-
The Magistrate of Rathleton is looking for Jaccus Maxxen for high treason against the city of Rathleton.

A reward is being offered in exchange for information leading to the arrest and conviction, or the death of the wanted person.
Additional information:

Some time ago, the famous inventor Jaccus Maxxen returned from a long journey. He had left Oramond as a shy and introverted scientist but came back as changed man with a strange fever flickering in his eyes. Also, he uttered weird things about the futility of mankind. However, he never wasted any words about what had happened during his travels or where he had been at all.

At the conclave of scientists, his madness culminated in such a feverish and insulting hate speech that he had to be removed from the meeting. After that he was hiding from everyone in his laboratory. When a task force was sent to bring Maxxen to the officials to be questioned about his suspicious behaviour, the city guards were attacked by an army of walkers and Maxxen escaped and could not be found again afterwards.

Lately, though, eyewitnesses reported that they have seen him deep under the city. All recent attempts to imprison him have failed until now. He entrenched himself in a perfidious and extremely dangerous kind of maze.

Personal data:
Name: Jaccus Maxxen
Resident: deep under Rathleton
Personal status: unmarried
Race: former human, now unknown
Wanted for: high treason and murder

Combat data:
Resistances: unknown
Damage Type: unknown
Weapons: unknown

Classified as:
brutal, merciless, and extremely dangerous

Many reckless adventurers already tried their luck but only a few returned. What they reported so far is bothering the Magistrate. Therefore, by government decree, only citizens who are battle wise and have already proven their courage and the ability to keep a level head even in extreme situations, are allowed to use the slime slide in the Glooth Factory. Furthermore, the Magistrate advises even the most experienced fighters to team up with others to increase the chances against this menace.

Jaccus Maxxen is classified as extremely dangerous. Most likely, the way to his hideout will be guarded by malicious traps and deadly creatures. Most probably, if not certainly, Maxxen will be protected by some bodyguards as well.The Magistrate recommends all volunteers to act cautiously when it comes to a direct face-off.

The Magistrate of Rathleton