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Feb 02 2001 -

New Item Loss Rule

ou have voted for the first game rule change. Thanks for the cooperation! The results show that the majority is in favour of option number 4. We have implemented and activated the new system. Once again, we will explain here how it works:

If you die, all of your items except those in containers (like bags, backpack, etc.) will be teleported back with you to the temple. Nevertheless for every object there is a 10% chance that the item stays in your corpse. So you still cannot be absolutely sure about not losing a certain item.

We know that many people criticised this new rule. Well, give it a try and wait some time. If after a few weeks the majority of players would like to see the old system restored, we will certainly do so. Still we think it will not be neccessary.

Try out the new system!
Your CIP Team

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