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Dec 08 2014 -
More Advanced Surveys
ibians, we would like to inform you about a great new feature we can now use to ask you about your opinion on certain topics. You probably already know our weekly website polls which are open to all players.
In addition to these website polls, we are now able to conduct more advanced surveys. Not only do we have far more question types to choose from but we will also use random sampling to select survey participants. This closed access means that a certain number of participants will be randomly selected out of all active Tibia players and receive an invitation to participate in a survey.

Once a survey has started, this invitation will be displayed to all randomly selected players upon their next login into the game (only in stand-alone client). Moreover, they can also find the invitation on their account management page on the website for as long as the survey is running. As you can see in the screenshots, this invitation will link to the online survey. Only accounts that have been invited can participate in a survey so there is no way for others to opt in. Moreover, each invited player can only participate once.
Today, we have already started the first survey. Of course, we will continue our weekly website polls for which you do not need to be invited to take part. Additionally, we will conduct an online survey with closed access regularly. While results of these surveys will not be published automatically, we plan to share interesting insights and findings with you every once in a while.

Have fun!
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