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Jan 20 2015 -
Content Fixes and Changes
ith today's server save, we implemented a few content fixes and changes, for example:
  • The PvP Expert Mode in the character's combat control is not visible anymore on Hardcore and Retro Open PvP game worlds.
  • An issue with not being able to put a premium scroll back into the purse has been fixed.
  • It is not possible anymore to heal players out of a protection zone who are unjustified attacking other players on Open PvP game worlds.
  • A small graphic issue with the ranger outfit has been fixed as well.
  • The raid bosses Wallbreaker and Glooth Bomb cannot be blocked by players anymore.
  • Private guild events are now visible for all guild members.
  • It is not possible anymore to accept guild applications during a guild war.
  • We also addressed an issue with deposit and withdrawal concerning guild bank accounts.
  • Players can now fight "Killing in the name of..." bosses only once every 22 hours on Retro Open PvP game worlds.
  • In addition, some map bugs, graphical issues, typos and NPC dialogues have been fixed and adjusted as well.
Please note that a new client version is available. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.73 from our download section.

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