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Jan 27 2015 -
Loyalty, Content Fixes and Changes
his months, Tibia turned 18 years old. That is indeed a decent age and many of you have been accompanying us for a very long time - sticking together with us in good times and in bad times. Through all the years, you kept bearing with us and impressed us with your incredible patience and endurance.
We really appreciate that from the bottom of our hearts and it is about time to prove that we mean it as we say it! It is time to honour your loyalty:

Loyalty Points and Skill Bonus:

For every used premium day on your account, you receive one loyalty point. For every 360 loyalty points your characters receive a 5% bonus on all of their skill points, however, the bonus a character can receive is limited to 50%. Every time you log in, a message in your server log channel will inform you about your current skill bonus. An explanation and an example how the skill bonus exactly works, can be found here.

Loyalty Highscore and Titles:

A new loyalty highscore list has been added to every game world. The top 300 with the most loyalty points world are shown there for each game world. On your account management page you can choose which one of your characters shall be considered for the loyalty highscore. Furthermore, nine different loyalty titles, depending on your loyalty points, are available. More information can be looked up in our manual.

Content Fixes and Changes

In addition, we also implemented a few content fixes and changes, for example:
  • If you use the stand-alone client, you can now choose the option to "stay logged in for session" when you enter the game. Thereby, you do not have to insert a new token anymore every time you switch your characters if you use the authenticator.
  • An issue with the reward room of the Soothing Bad Dreams quest has been fixed. It is now possible to leave the room using the stairs at the North.
  • Players, who are stuck in the Tending Gloothworms quest can now get help from the NPC Wesley using the keywords "help" and "machine".
  • We also addressed an issue with the accessibility of Pythius the Rotten.
  • In addition, some map bugs, graphical issues, typos and NPC dialogues have been fixed and adjusted as well.
Please note that a new client version is available. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.74 from our download section.

Have fun!
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