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Feb 24 2015 -
Scavenger Hunt
eadle the Bookworm loves reading. On his travels through the libraries of the Tibian world, he nibbled at so many treasure maps that he amassed great riches over the years. Besides books, he also indulges in riddles and takes great pleasure in puzzling others. He enjoys it so much that he gladly shares some of his riches with those who manage to solve one of his puzzles…

Today, he started munching his way through our news archive. Of course, one single news item is not enough to satisfy the palate of a true gourmet, let alone a bookworm. After having taken a bite of an article, Readle will move on to the next treat, always leaving a clue to his next destination so that you can follow him if you figure it out. Of course, worming your way through thousands of words is time-consuming so it will usually take about a day before Readle drops his next message for you. To get you started, the first clue can be found at the end of this news article. Considering Readle's eating habits, he will leave a clue to his next whereabouts on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday.

By the middle of the next week, he will be so stuffed with words that he will readily share the last clue with those who manage to find him: A clue to a code that opens up the combination lock on one of his chests. The first one to post the correct code in our designated thread, will be rewarded with the treasure inside: one arcane insignia, ten red surprise bags and 90 days of Premium Time.

Are you up for a scavenger hunt through old news and featured articles?

Readle's message:

...Sorry, I'm stuffed already, the contest is over...

Start digging!
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