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Mar 05 2015 -
Wonders of the Tibian World
ear Tibians,

Some of you may know me as Amaro, brave adventurer, others as Amaro, friend of rotworms, and still others as Amaro, diligent postman and jack of all trades. Some may not know me at all.

Whatever the case may be, I am reaching out to you now to appeal to your Tibian spirit, to your adoration and affection for the beautiful world of Tibia, the world we share and call home.
We know that inhabitants of Tibia have always cherished what was built by their ancestors. Thanks to an unknown fellow, this knowledge has been preserved in a book for generations to come. Eight remarkable creations that stood the test of time are currently known and acknowledged as the Tibian wonders of the world: The Colossus of Kazordoon, the Black Pyramid of Draconia, the Great Lighthouse Tree of Ab'Dendriel, the Thorntower of Shadowthorn, the underground city of Mintwallin, the Black City of Skulls in Hellgate, the Great Lava Falls in Hellgate, and the pyramid city of Ankrahmun.

Yet, the Tibian world has so much more to offer! I have seen so many masterpieces of skill and craftsmanship throughout my travels that an idea started to form in my head: We cherish the classic wonders, why not officially recognise further incredible monuments as wonders of the Tibian world? Eight new wonders of Tibia that also represent the rich cultural heritage throughout the Tibian history, chosen by Tibians.

In collaboration with the Adventurers' Guild and the Explorer Society, a list of candidates has been composed: 16 astonishing monuments, each of them a testament to Tibian ingenuity, creativity and ambition.
Now it is up to you, the Tibian people, to choose the eight new wonders of the Tibian world which will officially be recognised as such. In a special poll that runs until March 31, 12:00 CEST, you can vote for the eight candidates you consider worthy of the title. As soon as the final results are in, the new wonders will be officially acknowledged and a book will be commissioned to be added to the distinguished selection of the Isle of the Kings' library this summer.

Since the honourable task of announcing the spectacular candidates publicly has fallen upon me, I would like to present them to you in this document. Please note that they are listed in no particular order.

Noodles Academy of Modern Magic
Endorsed by: Noodles

Even from afar, the seven towers of the Noodles Academy of Modern Magic in Edron are imposing, gleaming and shining brightly like the finest ivory. They were built by order of King Tibianus III to attract the best scientists in the field of magic from all across the lands. Of course, he named this royal institution after his exceedingly clever poodle Noodles. The enormous buildings harbour a wealth of knowledge and are widely known for their status as the centre of science and research in the Thaian kingdom and even beyond.
The Statue of God King Qjell
Endorsed by: Lagatos

In the depths of the sea you can witness the impressive heritage of the Njey culture. While the whole realm of the deeplings is a magnificent sight to behold, the greatest treasure silently stands guard against the ever-hungry sea right in the centre: The statue of god king Qjell in the Apex of Worship. Its mesmerizing beauty and grandeur usually renders me speechless for quite a few minutes as it is only befitting for this sacred place of devotion to Qjell.
The Njey do not welcome outsiders but seeing this monument with your own eyes, illuminated by golden rays from the surface, is certainly worth the risk.
The Great Gate of Zao
Endorsed by: Zalamon

The great gate of Zao is another breath-taking remnant of the once mighty lizard empire. It dates back to a time when Zao was not yet tainted by the corruption, when the land was still known for its beauty and glory instead of death and decay. The gate was adorned with sculptures of enormous size and remarkable craftsmanship to welcome travellers on their way to the imperial city of Razachai. Yet, nowadays, it is more of a deterrent. A bastion that has been fortified with wooden palisades to slow down the spread of the devastating blight that has taken hold of Northern Zao.
Endorsed by: Hairycles

Amidst the lush, dense greenery of Tiquanda, lies a masterpiece of the lizard culture. Although time has left its marks on the pagodas of Banuta and frequent encounters with all kinds of apes disturb the tranquil atmosphere a bit, a visit to this former temple city is a fantastic experience. You can still get an idea of how grand it must have looked back when it was still ruled by lizards, before they were driven out by their very own slaves, the apes. Banuta also demonstrates the power of nature to slowly take back what was once a thick jungle devoid of any civilisation.
The inner city of Yalahar
Endorsed by: Palimuth

Yalahar was once a huge and prosperous city, the culmination and epitome of Yalaharian civilisation. With the mysterious disappearance of the Yalahari, though, came the sad downfall of their culture. Most of the city quarters have fallen into decay, some were even destroyed. Except for Yalahar's inner city. Radiant white buildings with tall slender towers and golden carvings still convey the former splendour of the city. The place almost seems like a museum. Every building in the inner city circle can be treated as an exhibit, showcasing the wealth and luxury of the former Yalahari, their brilliance, and their notions of beauty and the sublime.
The Dark Cathedral
Endorsed by: Lorbas

It was planned as the greatest cathedral of all time, a unique monument of the victory of good over evil, a holy place without equal, but a heavy earthquake destroyed the building shortly before its completion. Some claim that the earthquake was a godly punishment for the vanity of men, others believe that demonic powers were at work, and still others just see it as a natural result of volcanic activities below the ground. In any case, the incident certainly added to the legend of this place which is now called Dark Cathedral. Even its ruins are so impressive that you cannot help but marvel at the outstanding skills of its constructors.
Endorsed by: Emperor Rehal

Deep down in the bowels of the earth, a mysterious city lies at the heart of a complex mining system. It is not easy to locate but the journey will be worth it. The hidden city of Beregar is one of the best examples of superb dwarven craftsmanship, especially its great citadel is a humbling and awe-inspiring sight. Long ago, two dwarven tribes inhabited the city but one of them left some day due to an unresolved conflict between the two tribes. The other stayed and has been guarding this stunning place ever since.
Ashta'daramai and Mal'ouquah
Endorsed by: Gabel and Malor

The civil war between the blue-skinned and green-skinned djinns is a sad and tragic story and mutual hatred that has been burning in the djinns' hearts ever since. Yet, both are capable of extraordinary things as we can see when visiting their fortresses. Ashta'daramai, the blue djinn fortress, is an elegant building irradiating harmony and serenity. It was erected by Gabel to honour the prophet Daraman and his teachings. In contrast, the green djinn fortess Mal'ouquah is rather bulky and massive. Nevertheless, Malor's creation is still an imposing monument albeit a bit gloomy.
Endorsed by: The Emperor's Awareness

It is a long and dangerous journey to Razachai, corruption and death always on your heels. Yet, if you make it there alive, you will be able to set your eyes on the glorious imperial city of the draken empire. Razachai's strong walls have not been breached yet but evil slowly seeps through each crack and hole. War against a mighty adversary and his foul hordes has taken its toll and turned the once thriving centre of learning and culture into a terrifying giant fortress. Nevertheless, the Emperor's lavish palace, which is made of the best green jade, still reminds you vividly of the splendour and magnificence this place once exhibited before the corruption engulfed the land.
The White Raven Monastery
Endorsed by: Costello

Housing the biggest, and thus one of the most important libraries in the whole of Tibia, the White Raven Monastery is the perfect sanctuary for scholars and researchers. It is located on the secluded Isle of Kings and was founded by monks to guard the royal tombs of the Thaian nobility. The monastery itself lacks a bit on the decor and adornment side but it is still an impressive building. The vaults below the monastery breathe in the air of history and there is hardly a better place for quiet contemplation and mediation than amidst the library's numerous bookshelves full of the wisdom and knowledge of generations.
The Hall of the Colossi
Endorsed by: Ushuriel

It is a dangerous path, a dark path, which leads you right into the arms of the vicious and merciless executioner Ushuriel. Maybe it is a cruel twist of fate that a spectacular sight awaits you right before your doom. Enormous statues line the Hall of the Colossi. Each of them silently tempts you to stop for a moment of adoration. Alas, numerous enemies are only waiting for you to turn your back on them. We have yet to find out if this place is Ushuriel's personal hall of fame where he exhibits remains of slain enemies like trophies or if it is rather a memorial site, a tomb where legends lay buried and the destiny of ancient races has been carved into stone.
The Gate of Rathleton
Endorsed by: Marvin

Behold the outstanding example of glooth engineering before you enter the industrious city of Rathleton! A finely crafted intricate mechanism of gears, cogs and glooth gently moves the chained arms of the metal creature that adorns the city gate. It is a sturdy monument defying wind and weather a symbol of Rathleton's ambition and ingenuity. The whole town is a showcase of the wonders of modern technology; its citizens are advocates of new social standards and rights. Who would have thought that tiny glooth-worms would become the source of such wealth and progress?
The Spike
Endorsed by: Gnommander

It may seem like a natural wonder at first glance, but the Spike is a product of gnomish expertise and perseverance. Once the size of a fist, it has grown into a huge crystalline structure under the loving care of the gnomes' best crystal experts. The iridescent sparkling of luminous colours is a beautiful and mysterious sight that lifts your spirits. Alas, the shimmering and glittering cannot outshine the fact that this magnificent piece of art has become a military base and a weapon. We can only hope that the Spike will not crumble under this pressure.
Endorsed by: Cael

Not much is known about Zzaion's past. It may have been just an ordinary lizard city back in its time but today, it is one of the few remaining testimonies of the amazing skills and techniques of Zao's former rulers. Despite relentless orcish attacks, the lizards have managed to hold the city until now. Unfortunately, over the need to defend the city, the buildings inside have been somewhat neglected and have fallen into a state of disrepair. Nevertheless, it still gives a glimpse of the architectural splendour that is so characteristic of the sophisticated lizard culture of the past.
Endorsed by: Danae

Below the fields of glory, a city was once built by some of the most powerful magicians of Tibia: Demona, city of warlocks and magic. Much of the history of this place is still shrouded in mystery. Exceedingly skilled warlocks somehow managed to control the lava down there and built Demona to research magic and uncover the secret of immortality. The Maze of Lost Souls shields the city from unwanted intruders. Those who manage to find their way to Demona will be confronted with heavy resistance. The warlocks vigorously guard whatever knowledge and treasures they may have hidden in Demona.
Endorsed by: Omrabas

Drefia must have been splendid in appearance in its time. It was once a colony of Thais, flourishing and bustling with live. Yet, it was not meant to last. Necromancers took hold of the city and poisoned the hearts of Drefia's inhabitants. The cities' alignment with the blue djinns in the Djinn Wars sealed its fate. Out of revenge, the green djinns commanded the desert to swallow the once magnificent place and bury it below sand and rubble. Alas, this only tightened the undeads' relentless grip on the city. So the ruins of Drefia still are a dangerous place, haunted and covered in blood. Yet, the cities' long lost grandeur still echoes through the remains.

It is a time to wonder, Tibians! Help to preserve the heritage of our ancestors!

Yours faithfully,
Amaro de Quester

P.S. If you are - for whatever reason - not satisfied with the choice of candidates, you may send a formal complaint to the Explorer Society for the attention of Amaro De Quester.