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Apr 10 2015 -
A Visit to the Plains of Havoc
ear readers,
welcome to our latest issue of the Tibia City Guide. Although, this time we are not visiting a city but an area which is as famous as it is old. Probably, most of you have either already heard of it or even visited it... the Plains of Havoc.

Located between Thais and Venore, and south of the Jakundaf Desert, the Plains of Havoc are probably one of the biggest uninhabited and uncivilized areas on the main continent.


The Plains of Havoc are an area of estimated 12,000 sqm (depending on where you draw the line): an area where you cannot only see but also breathe the history of Tibia, an area closely related to the best and the worst the Tibian past has to offer.

Did you know?

Did you know that the former name of the Plains of Havoc was the Fair Plains?

It is said that Goshnar, the leader of the Brotherhood of Bones, was the father of Ferumbra and therefore the grandfather of Ferumbras.

The Nightmare Knights learned the art of dreamwalking from the old and lost elvish caste of the Teshial.

It was common tactic in Tibia's past to lure giant spiders from the Plains of Havoc to the main travel routes to kill innocent wanderers on their travels between the cities.

A lot of historical testimonies can be found there: evidence of impressing architecture, of epic battles, of military and magical power, but also of death and the evanescence of everything.

Even though many traces of human presence are still visible, nature already reconquered most of the area and transformed it into a deadly but beautiful place. Today's visitors are encouraged to travel this place heavily armed and together with experienced guides since death lurks around every corner.

Before the place has become what it is now, the ancient and famous order of the Nightmare Knights ruled over the whole area. The history and fate of the Plains of Havoc is linked to the rise and fall of the dreamwalkers.
While there is not much known about the area before the knights have chosen the plains as headquarter, there are reasons to believe that at the time when the knights ruled over the area the plains have already been an adventurous place. Since the members of the order also improved their fighting skills near their base, it just sounds reasonable that they used the natural environment and its inhabitants to train themselves. Therefore, it is most likely that all in all it was easier for travellers and visitors to cruise the area than it is today.

The story of the downfall of the Nightmare Knights is certainly one of the most famous ones in Tibia's history. The perdition began when Falnus, a member of the order, turned evil and became the infamous necromant Goshnar and leader of the Brotherhood of Bones. A war started between both factions and even though the knights emerged victorious, they did not stand a chance against the next menace that was waiting for them: the Ruthless Seven. Meant as military base, the knights could not defend the Pits of Inferno and were vanquished by those they wanted to fight. The conquest of that place by the Ruthless Seven spelled doom for the ancient and venerable order of the Nightmare Knights. After their defeat, not only the Plains of Havoc, but also the subterranean pits became a dangerous and deadly place for those who are searching for challenges.

The Plains of Havoc today

These days, the plains are still a place to train your fighting skills and to prove your courage but unlike in the past, the wilderness does now rule most of the area. This makes it even more challenging, for example, for young paladins who want to impress their masters with the loot of the feared giant spiders which attack you out of nowhere. Be warned! If you want to try your luck against these creatures, do not underestimate their speed. They are so fast that it is nearly impossible to flee and mostly, they hunt along with tarantulas and poison spiders.

Yet, also less experienced warriors and mages have many opportunities to train their fighting skills there. Besides cyclopes, different kinds of minotaurs and orcs, undead creatures, and dragons, you can also find wolves, deer and even squirrels on the surface. In short: there is enough for everyone.

Famous monster that might spawn in parts of the plains:

  • Countess Sorrow
  • Demodras
  • Dracola
  • Mamma Longlegs
  • Massacre
  • Mr. Punish
  • The Handmaiden
  • The Imperor
  • The Old Widow
  • The Plasmother
Still, there is more to it than that. The bravest fighters of all Tibia are gathering every now and then to master one of the greatest and most difficult challenges these lands have to offer: enter the inferno pits and leave them alive again. Veterans, who already fought successfully in the pits, are telling terrifying stories of legions of evil creatures, which are just waiting to lacerate and torment any possible invader in order to serve and honour the Ruthless Seven. These veterans also bear witness to unbelievable precious rewards. Those treasures and the desire to prove themselves over and over again must be the reason why experienced warriors dare to enter there again even after they already managed to escape from that lethal place.
From time to time, some of those great fighters form teams and offer the younger ones their service for a fee to help them survive the dangers that are waiting down there. However, sometimes the youngsters do not listen to the knowledge and experience of their guides which in this case most likely equals death.

For the careless the whole area is nothing but a grave. For the brave it is a sheer endless challenge to gain experience, scars, treasures and fame.


Unlike a real city, you will not find so many great buildings and sights, but if you plan to visit the area there are some points of interest you should definitely pay a visit. Remember, though, to not come unprepared.

Let us start the tour from the guildhouse Riverspring. Follow the river south bound until a few cyclopes are crossing your way. From that point, leave the riverside and head to the southwest into the country. After a short walk you will find a camp (1) with further one-eyed giants and many minotaurs. They seem to have fun torturing humans and orcs since they have a plank that leads into a pit of scorpions, filled with the bones and remains of both races. So you better not get captured. The camp has a basement with even more cyclopes and minotaurs, and also captured orcs are usually waiting there for their execution. Moreover, there is a nice stock of supplies. Barrels filled with food allow you to refill your provisions before you move on.

South from here, you will find a copse (2) between some rocks. Wasps and scorpions are the inhabitants of that shady spot, so make sure to have some antidotes with you. Under a big sycamore you can find the hidden entrance to a dragon lair. Besides dragons and dragon lords, the mighty dragon boss Demodras might be waiting for you there. Furthermore, if Grizzly Adams gave you the special task to find and kill Demodras, you will find the teleport to his lair down in this dungeon.

East of this cave and close to the ocean you can find the monk Oldrak (3) in his temple. This holy building is not only a place where you can take a break from your hunt, but also learn more about the history of the order of the Nightmare Knights if you talk to the monk. Next to the temple, the abandoned monastery (4) of the knights is slowly crumbling away. Once an impressive fortress, destroyed in the war against the Ruthless Seven, it is now just a ruin and a shelter for some restless souls. If you are not afraid to fight against walking bones and ghouls you should definitely visit this place. Also, if you are interested in joining either the ranks of the Nightmare Knights or the Brotherhood of Bones, the entrance to the Dreamer's Challenge quest lies hidden in this wreckage.

If you continue your tour to the South you might come across a horde of different kind of orcs which seems to just roam around in search of prey. If you leave the monastery and walk along the waterfront, you will soon encounter a group of dragons. Between the orcs and the dragons a stone circle (5) with a magic forcefield in its middle gives variety to the landscape.
Only if you are a druid, you will be able to enter the forcefield and thereby be teleported to the Isle of the Mists (6). This small island is home to the strong monk Fernfang who is very inhospitable and does not tolerate any visitors there. If he is at home, he will try to get you out of there with the help of his pets, some bloodthirsty war wolves...

The tall building on the coast next to the Isle of the Mists is the Tower of the Knightwatch (7). The former outpost of the Nightmare Knights can now be used by adventurers who passed the tests of the Dreamer's Challenge as a fast travel hub between different cities and as a quick exit to leave the Plains of Havoc without fighting.

Once again, we continue our tour to the West, where a cursed graveyard lies in front of another big building, the Necromant House (8). Designed as a scientific research place to learn the art of necromancy, the house is now a haunted place. Necromancy came alive here so to say. Furthermore, the grave of Goshnar and also the entrance to the famous and deadly inferno pits are located here.
West of the Necromant House, you will find a ring of dead and living trees, stones and bones that encircles the enormous, dreadful and diabolical Demon Oak (9). It is said that an unbelievable valuable reward is waiting for those who manage to defeat the living demonic piece of wood. Be careful if you decide to try your luck! This tree is as evil as it is deadly.

If you are still looking for more challenges, a race is waiting for you in north-eastern direction. Make sure to be fast enough when you cross the open country (10). Eight-legged monsters are looking for food and they do not give up easily once they have noticed possible prey.

Of course, there is much more to discover within and around the plains. For example, the Dark Cathedral or the Outlaw Camp just to name two further points of interest. Unfortunately, a more detailed guide would go beyond the constraints of this article.

It bears repeating: if you decide to travel through the Plains of Havoc do NOT start your journey without proper equipment and professional advice.

Enjoy the trip!
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