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May 05 2015 -
Old Trails Lead to New Discoveries! (I)

Z.Z.: "Be greeted Rotem Valos."

Rotem Valos: "Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild, my friend."

Z.Z.: "It is said that your guild is looking for adventurers. I have travelled the world several times already. I would deem it an honour if you allow me to offer my service."

Rotem Valos: "We can always need a hand in cartographing Tibia. Our map of the world can't be detailed enough. Talk to me if you're interested or if you already have a map and lost it."

Z.Z.: "What map are you talking about?"

Rotem Valos: "There are a lot of dark corners in this world. Not nearly have we uncovered even half of them. We need help in cartographing the world - interested?"

Z.Z.: "Yes, of course!"

Rotem Valos: "Alright, here is a map of Tibia including some areas we have marked only vaguely. It can be folded and shows various locations above and below sea level. I will also give you a list of interesting spots and landmarks we have not covered. If you venture there in your travels - please try to draw them on your map as good as you can. The more adventurers to help us, the more detailed our maps will become!"

Z.Z.: "Great. I will spread the word. I appreciate your faith in me. I will not disappoint you. Farewell, Rotem Valos!"

Rotem Valos: "Good bye, young adventurer."

Now, this is a mission that suits me fine. I am on the road again. Finally! Time to dust my walking boots and my hiking backpack. I guess I will also have to visit Gorn in Thais before I start my journey. I need more papers for my travel diary, and a new inkwell won't hurt as well...

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