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May 17 2015 -
Old Trails Lead to New Discoveries! (VII)
ay VI...

Location: Tiquanda
Risk: high
Creature/Enemy activity: medium
While I was wandering through the jungle, I met a man with the name Tarun who asked me for help:

"My brother is missing. I fear, he went to this evil palace north of here. A place of great beauty, certainly filled with riches and luxuries but in truth it is a threshold to hell. Demonesses are after his blood. He is my brother, and I am deeply ashamed to admit, but I don't dare to go there. Perhaps your heart is more courageous than mine. Would you go to see this place and search for my brother?"

What kind of adventurer would I be if I denied my help to such a request? So I searched for that place and found it. It was, as Tarun said, a great and beautiful palace. Anyway, all I could find was an imprisoned dwarf who also told me that this damned palace is ruled by demons:

"...the so called asuri. They are demonic creatures who usually hide their faces and appear in the form of a beautiful woman. In truth, they are ugly and ill-favoured. And this palace is as foul as the asuri are."

That was the cue. Hell was unleashed. I was incredibly lucky to escape...
Time to leave this cursed jungle. I will continue my exploration in the desert, east of here...


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