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May 19 2015 -
Old Trails Lead to New Discoveries! (VIII)
ay VII...

Location: Northeast of Ankrahmun
Risk: medium
Creature/Enemy activity: medium
The climate has changed, but the dangers and threats are still the same...

Northeast of the pyramid city Ankrahmun, very close to the ocean, I found an entrance, hidden under the shadow of a palm tree. It took me some time to shovel it clear of sand, and I really can tell you that this kind of work makes you sweat like a pig; not to mention the heat and the sun which is roasting your head...

Anyway, back to my observations. Down there, I found a strange cult. Hidden in the subterranean darkness, lizards and humans are doing odd things... Unfortunately, I could not find out, which or whom they are worshiping... yet...


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