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May 24 2015 -
Old Trails Lead to New Discoveries! (X)
ay IX...

Location: North of Darashia
Risk: high
Creature/Enemy activity: high
This was a nightmare. My whole body is still shivering and I am almost unable to write a few words down...

I will try my best to describe what I have seen:
I already heard about that place when I was travelling from Liberty Bay to Port Hope. During the journey, another passenger on the boat was telling me a story about a mysterious portal in the eastern part of Darama. According to him, the portal can either be found close to the tarpits near Ankrahmun, or in Drefia, or north of Darashia.
A travelling portal? I have seen stranger things, but of course, I was interested in that story.

I found the portal north of Darashia. It was guarded by a single, but scary monster. I did not fight it but just ran through the portal... and I wish I hadn't done that...
A labyrinth of agony was waiting for me. Abnormal creatures were trying to maul me... I was just running and running, desperately looking for an exit!
I cannot tell you how long I was straying, but finally I found myself back in the desert.
Now I am sitting here in Miraia's Enlightened Oasis, trying to calm down... I have heard of similar places and creatures before, but I never expected to find both in this part of the world... However, Roshamuul is not so far away...


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