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May 28 2015 -
Old Trails Lead to New Discoveries! (XII)
ay XI...

Location: Edron
Risk: high
Creature/Enemy activity: high
I continued my journey in Edron and traveled to the graveyard at the North. There I found some stairs, that lead to an underground castle ruin and rambling catacombs.

That was an adventure to my taste. It reminded me of the old good times, when I was a young, strong, and brave warrior. Back in those days, I wielded my blade like no one else, and also my magical skills were much more impressive than they are today...

Down in the ruins, many forgotten heroes and their followers were waiting to cross swords with someone who really loves to fight.
This battle was what I call a fountain of youth. Unfortunately, I am not the young fighter anymore...
I was exhausted very fast and I had no option but to retreat. Nevertheless, I will come back prepared and trained. And then I will challenge every single opponent I will find down there...


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