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Jun 03 2015 -
Further Summer Update Stuff
long with the new content we will also release some changes that are based on player proposals with this year's summer update:

  • Achievements for ingame mounts:

  • From the summer update on, players will receive an achievement for every mount they will tame or already have tamed ingame. Please note that you will not get any achievements for mounts you can buy via the Tibia payment system; except the "Natural Born Cowboy" achievement, which is given to every player the first time he rides a mount.

  • More items sellable to NPCs:

  • The NPCs Gnomission, Grizzly Adams and Rashid will extend their offer of items that players can sell to them. A detailed list with all items and their prices will be available during the test server phase.

  • Deal more damage with own runes:

  • In order to make it more attractive to create and use your own runes and ammunition, the efficiency of runes and ammunition which you can buy from NPCs will be reduced with this year's summer update.

    Therefore, the damage output of the following NPC runes will be decreased:
    Light magic missile, heavy magic missile, fireball, sudden death, stalagmite, icicle, holy missile, great fireball, explosion, avalanche, stone shower and thunderstorm.

    Furthermore, the healing outcome of intense healing and ultimate healing runes bought from NPCs will be lowered as well.

    In addition, the following ammunition will also deal less damage if bought from NPCs: arrows, explosive arrows, bolts, power bolts, sniper arrows, piercing bolts, simple arrows.

    Please note that those changes only apply to the mentioned runes if they are bought from NPCs. All in all, this means that you will benefit from using player-made runes and ammunition after the release of the summer update.

    Furthermore, please note that the final reduction of the efficiency of the afore-mentioned runes and ammunition is not decided yet. We plan to start the test with a decrease of 10% compared to the current state. Depending on the feedback we will receive during the test server phase we might change it.

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