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Jul 13 2015 -
Changes in the Tibia Team
ogether with CipSoft's managing directors, Tibia's product managers set the strategy, direction and general agenda for the development of Tibia. Moreover, they supervise and coordinate the internal development process, and they delegate tasks to the different developers and teams. Today, we would like to inform you about several changes in Tibia's product management.

You may have already read Shintao's name on the test board for the summer update 2015, where he took care of the thread about Tibia Coins and the Store. So let us introduce him officially now:
Shintao joined Tibia's product management some months ago and replaced Skagar, who has left CipSoft in the meantime. Beforehand, Shintao was already part of the Tibia team and - being a programmer himself - supervised the programmers working on Tibia. As product manager, his main focus is the further development of Tibia whereas Tibia's product manager Umrath, whom you most likely know already, mainly deals with operational tasks related to Tibia.

In addition, a big change will happen in Tibia's product management this month. After ten years of service, lead product manager Craban will leave CipSoft in July and pursue new opportunities and challenges. We would like to thank him for his years of dedicated work and the energy and commitment he has invested into Tibia. We wish him all the best and much success in his future endeavours!

Tibia's new lead product manager is someone who you may already know from the test servers and who has been diligently hunting bugs ever since he joined CipSoft back in 2009. Delany, who was CipSoft's first official tester and who has led the internal test team for the last three years, will take over the lead product manager position within the course of the next months. We are looking forward to the Tibian adventures ahead of us and wish Delany great success and satisfaction in his new role.

See you in Tibia!
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