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Aug 09 2005 -
Major Game Update: Tibia 7.5
he test stage for the latest major game update has ended and we would like to thank all participating players for their help.
Premium players will now be able to admire the colorful flowers, large trees and many exotic plants in the new jungle area Tiquanda. Apes, lizards, dworcs, and many other new creatures are ready to defend their home against unwanted intruders. Players can rest from their exhausting jungle expeditions in the new settlement Port Hope. But be wary! There have been reports about various ape raids on this little town. Tiquanda can be reached either by travelling through the mountains of Kha'zeel or by taking a trip by ship.
Also free account players will have a new area to explore. If they are not afraid of the dark, they can investigate the incidences in the Dark Cathedral.
In addition to these new areas, minor graphic changes can be found everywhere in Tibia. Just look around to see, for example, new trees, new plants in the swamps and new stones.

Moreover, we have implemented several anti-cheat features in the game. To name but a few, soul points and fishing baits have been introduced in order to curb the massive use of macros, luring has been made impossible by making creatures disappear when moving too far from their spawn point, and furniture now comes in handy parcels that can be placed in the character inventory.

When you log into the game a patch for your client will be downloaded automatically. If you encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 7.5 from this website or from our supported fansites.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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