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Oct 20 2015 -
Servants of Evil
t was broad daylight and Amaro was taking a stroll through Darashia's bazaar when the first vision engulfed him. A cold darkness gripped his heart with sharp claws. The hustle and bustle in front of him blurred and gave way to a bizarre mix of images rapidly flashing before his eyes. Numerous voices echoed through his mind.

Darashia. - A mysterious man. - Heed my warnings inhabitants of Tibia! - The shadow of a dreaded enemy. -*whispering* The wizard! - He needs to be stopped!He is so close to gaining godlike power! - Too close!! - What can be done??? - Nothing? - But yes! - THE weapon, the forbidden weapon! - Once made by Z… - NO! Don't mention the dark one! - But the weapon was destroyed! He destroyed it himself!! - Yes, yes, but not completely. - Seven pieces. - Where are they? - They were given to his most ruthless followers. - The cruellest of all archdemons!! - So we are doomed. - Not yet! - They hid them deep down in the bowels of the earth. - But their minions, the guards… - They won't let us have them! - We won't even reach them! - No one has ever made it through the seven abodes of torment. - Not alone, you cannot do it alone! - So there is hope? - Maybe. - And if we make it... then what? - *evil laughter*

"My friend?" Omur's familiar voice pulled Amaro back into reality. "I have fresh samples of sand wasp honey, my friend. How many can I get you today?" The last image from the vision had burned itself into Amaro's mind and left him speechless for a few moments. He felt shivery and cold despite the blistering heat in Darashia.