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Oct 27 2015 -
The Seven Abodes of Torment II
t was well after midnight and Amaro restlessly tossed and turned in his bed when the third vision struck him like a bolt of lightning. With eyes wide open he was staring into a roaring blackness. After a few breathless seconds, images started to swirl around in his head and he heard a loud and clear voice as if someone was standing right next to him.
DESTRUCTION awaits you! Face the forces of Apocalypse in a dungeon crawling with the spawn of hell. Defeat them or face annihilation!

No escape. No hope. There is no other way than to descend deeper and deeper, into the heart of DESPAIR.

Beware of the grave's utter darkness! The shadow of UNDEATH will fall upon you.

"Leave me be!!!" The scream that had stuck in Amaro's throat finally came out full-force. - I cannot. Not yet. - Amaro flailed around with his arms. Someone WAS standing right next to him but it was too dark for Amaro to see who it was: "Utevo gran lux." Nothing happened. "By the gods, who are you? What do you want from me???" - You know who I am and what I want. You have not yet fulfilled your part of the agreement. - "What agreement are you talking of?" - We share our secrets with you. We allow you to reach unreachable places. We give you everything you need. In return, you tell them. You make them aware. You spread the word. So go on, let this be known… -

A sudden burst of light made Amaro wince and blink rapidly until his eyes adjusted. He recognised the familiar surroundings of his room. He was alone. Strange clothes had been placed on the end of his bed and a scroll full of handwritten notes was lying atop of them...