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Oct 29 2015 -
Immediate Skinning and Global Depot
fter three teasers that focused on new content, it is time to take a look at what the winter update has in store for you feature-wise. Let us start with two changes that are based on player proposals.

Immediate Skinning and Dusting

No need to wait 10 seconds anymore before you can skin or dust a monster!
  • After a monster has been slain, its owner and party members will be able to use an obsidian knife or a blessed wooden stake immediately on the corpse.
  • Important: As soon as you have skinned or dusted a monster corpse, it will change into its next state of decay and can be looted by all players.

Global Depot

Access all items that you have stored in a depot from every city!
  • There will be 17 numbered depot boxes in your depot chest from the winter update on. You will be able to access all 17 boxes from every city.
  • Overall, free accounts will be able store up to 2,000 items per character in those 17 boxes, while premium players will be able to store up to 10,000 items there. The contents of each of the 17 depot boxes count towards this item limit.
  • Similar to your inbox, the contents of a depot box will be shown page by page and you can click through the pages.

How to find items in your depot directly after the update release?
  • The depot chest of each city will turn into a numbered depot box; e.g. Carlin's depot chest will turn into box "II". So all items that are stored in your depot chest in Carlin can be found in this box after the update. We have provided a list of all city depots and the corresponding depot box numbers after the update here.
  • With the release of the update, it may be possible that you exceed the overall number of items you are allowed to store in the global depot chest. If that is the case, you can only take items out of depot boxes but not put any new ones in until you do not exceed the maximum limit anymore. As soon as you take an item out of a box, the following items will move up.
As part of this change, character world transfers will also be simplified with the release of the winter update:
  • It will not be necessary anymore to move items to Travora: Your character's depot chest (17 depot boxes) as well as your character's inbox will automatically be moved to your new home world with all their contents. This also means that the current transfer limit of 1,000 items will be removed.
  • We will also remove the item limit of 1 unit per character which currently applies to most items. So your character can take along as many units of an item as you possess.
  • The island of Travora will be swallowed by the sea. Only a ship and a connected platform will be left over. This is where you have to logout from the winter update on if your character is ready to change worlds.
Stay tuned!
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