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Dec 02 2015 -
Wrap-Up of Winter Update Test
ast week, the test of the winter updated ended and thus, the release of the update is getting closer. In order to shorten the waiting time a bit, let us summarise some of the adjustments that we made based on player feedback.

Naturally, many bugs and issues were fixed and a lot of fine-tuning concerning monster and item stats took place during the test phase. Here are a few examples of what else was changed:

So what about THE hat? Will the new Ferumbras also drop it? Yes, but it will be rare. Once every 14 days a player can fight ascending Ferumbras and there is a small chance that Ferumbras' hat may drop for him.
We also adjusted some teleports in the new Ferumbras questline: Players will be teleported to the dungeon entrance after a fight against one of the seven minions instead of being teleported right back into a hungry monster mob. If you run low on supplies this gives you a chance to restock before entering the fray again.

Each of the five PvP arenas (Ankrahmun, Kazordoon, Thais, Edron, and Rathleton) received a unique battleground with different obstacles and floor tiles to make battles more challenging and interesting. Moreover, a spectator area was added right in the middle of the arena pit in Rathleton so spectators will be able to see the health bars and names of the fighters there. Also, the arena NPCs were moved to a separate room that allows a player to set up a fight without other players interfering in the set-up.

If you are eager to obtain the voodoo staff addon, hunting in Krailos may be a good choice since voodoo dolls were added to ogre shamans as a rare drop. Furthermore, the NPCs in Krailos were provided with ammunition, runes and postal items, and two achievements can now be obtained in Krailos.

We would like to thank all dedicated testers again who helped us to find bugs and to improve the contents of the winter update.

Stay tuned!
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