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Dec 08 2015 -
Major Game Update 10.90
he waiting time is finally over. The winter update 2015 has just been released.

In case you are caught by surprise and have missed the update teasers, as well as the information from the test server, let us summarise for you what is new in Tibia:

There is a new questline involving a huge fight against Ferumbras, the most evil wizard there is in Tibia. On your way to meet the master of evil, you and your mates have to pass The Seven Abodes of Torment, dungeons inspired by the Ruthless Seven. There you will not only be confronted with monster mobs, but also with riddles and mini bosses. At the end of each dungeon you will have to face one of the strong minions of the Ruthless Seven.
You will hardly stand a chance against Ferumbras and his Servants of Evil by yourself. Up to 5 players can team up to fight the minions, up to 15 players for the master himself. Each minion can be fought once every two days per player, the new Ferumbras can be fought once every 14 days per player.

Apart from a new outfit, you can get special loot of the minions and the new Ferumbras. In addition, they will drop silver tokens, which can be exchanged for vocation-specific items and even the addons for the new outfit. A new mount, the rift mount, will also be obtainable via a rare monster drop in these dungeons.
Read more detailed information about this in The Seven Abodes of Torment II.

Some other great changes that this update brought are, for example, Immediate Skinning and a Global Depot. You can now access all items that you have stored in a depot from every city and you do not have to stand around waiting for 10 seconds any longer before you can skin or dust a monster.

Character world transfers have also been simplified with the release of the winter update. Travora was swallowed by the sea. No need anymore to ship your items to this island. From now on, your character's depot chest, as well as his inbox are automatically moved to the new home world during a character world transfer. The item restriction of 1 unit per character, that was valid for many items was lifted, as well as the overall transfer limit of 1,000 items.

What else is new, you ask? You can now find PvP arenas in Tibia's major cities. Prove your strength in two different battle types: the Last Man Standing, and the Team Deathmatch.

This is not all, yet. This winter update also contains a complete new hunting area with new monsters, new items and, of course, a new quest and missions.
Explore Krailos with its sandstone formations that glow in luminous shades of red. Beware, though, of the ugly and horrendous ogres, the masters of Krailos.

That's it! Log in and experience all the new things yourself!

The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.90 from our download section.

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