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Jan 12 2016 -

TIBia TABloids – Anniversary Edition

pecial Edition - Winter 2015/2016
Mainland: 1 gps / Islands: 7 gps (special price)

Trendy news for Tibia's world travellers!

A word from the editor...

Dear readers, fellow Tibians,

this special edition was put together to celebrate and commemorate Tibia's 19th anniversary.
The world of Tibia has come a long way since January 07, 1997, when
Tibia Alpha 1.0 saw the light of day. Now, 19 years later with the big milestone of Tibia's 20th anniversary being in close reach, TIBia TABloids has compiled a few fabulous tips on how to make your next birthday bash a success.

The highlight of this edition is something that we want to share right away, though. A birthday gift for Tibia and all adventurers who call this world their home. Something that has been composed to honour and cherish our beloved Tibia and to help us spread the word about its heart and soul.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present the world premiere of...

the official Tibia trailer

How to make your next Tibian birthday bash a success
Make sure to set the scene for a memorable birthday bash by choosing a theme to build your party around. A cool theme is a great idea to create a unique atmosphere and to delight your guests. Of course, you can also mix and match different themes or embrace freestyle if themed parties are not your thing. Whatever the case may be, TIBia TABloids hopes that the following ideas may inspire you, or at least entertain you while reading.

A suitable location is one of the keys to throwing a fabulous party. Therefore, Amaro De Quester, one of TIBia TABloids' freelance reporters, visited four exclusive places that would make for a spectacular celebration.
Ever dreamed of becoming a pirate? The Tibianic is the perfect ship for a life - or a birthday party - full of pillage and plunder. Set sail while your guests (your soon-to-be crew) are occupied otherwise to ensure that none of them gets off the ship before you are far out on the open sea. The endless expanse of water will be quite convincing when their choice is limited to joining a pirate crew or the fish at the bottom of the sea. Nevertheless, you may want to get rid of any potential mutineers early on, maybe with the help of some fun games such as walking the plank. Who needs party poopers, anyway?
If you want your guests to get active and creative, the Open-Air Theatre is a great spot to celebrate and act out a play together! Some of your guests may turn out as born actors, others may simply wish the stage below them would open and swallow them up – anyway, as king or queen of the day you should simply lean back and enjoy the show as a spectator. You do not want to embarrass yourself on your birthday, do you?
The Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell exhibits a more historic, almost divine atmosphere. This location will add the splendour of bygone eras to even the humblest of parties. Just do not forget to bring a helmet of the deep or Spectulus’ underwater enhancements and some waterproof clothes... and waterproof food... and waterproof decoration and... you get the hang of it.
Of course, a castle seems like an ideal place for a pompous ceremony to be crowned birthday king or queen. While the usual throne certainly has its advantages, you may want to go for something a bit more thrilling. Not just any castle. How about Vengoth castle? Bristling with vampires, werewolves and other diabolic creatures, the creepy atmosphere inside these dark halls will have your guests dying... for more! Indulge in birthday rituals and bring enough bloody red wine with you to drink to your health all night long. The owners of the castle kindly ask all visitors to refrain from bringing any garlic-heavy food during their stay so choose your birthday menu wisely - depending on whether or not you want to fall out of favour with them.

No party without good entertainment, right?

In order to break the ice and get your party started, you can make use of one of Tibia's game rooms, create your own mini-game, or you can also try to tibianise board games that are popular in other dimensions, e.g. in the so-called "real world". Playing a game of Tibia in Tibia, for example, would be pretty mind-boggling.

Why not make some music together? There are plenty of instruments to choose from and nobody will complain about too much noise in Tibia. Or how about inviting a puppeteer? Keep in mind, though, that Tibian puppeteers tend to favour one specific story: The Bonelord and the Skeleton – A Tale of Love Overcoming Language Barriers. For a reason yet unknown they refuse to use any other marionettes apart from those two.
VIP Guests

There is no better way to add an exclusive touch to your party than by inviting a VIP guest.

Naturally, having a royal such as King Tibianus (or Noodles as a more eloquent substitute) or Queen Eloise showing up is a safe bet to stun your friends. Simply keep in mind to act all surprised like you did not know a royal was coming! Also, a fancy title alone does not bestow good manners so be careful whom you invite… the Orc King, for example may rather alienate than wow your guests.
If you are a bit more daring, spice up your guest list by inviting someone with a more quirky or eccentric personality. Doctor Gnomedix or Spectulus, for example, may add that extra special touch and chaos. Be warned, though! These fellows can easily spoil your event if the other guests are not too keen on reckless party games in the name of science or lengthy ceremonial speeches about astrophysics and cosmology.
If you lack the gold or persuasive powers to convince the original VIP of your choice to come, you may want to try your luck with an impersonator. Of course, you can also disguise yourself as a monster with the help of Stan’s costume bags, for example, or resort to utevo res ina if you are a mage. However, your guests may see right through your charade if their host is missing. So better find a helper who impersonates you while you are impersonating a Tibian VIP.

A note of caution: It has been brought to our attention that a so-called "scroll of ascension" has emerged in adventurer circles. While it usually turns you into a demon for a short time upon use, rumour has it that it creates a rad illusion on rare occasions. Nevertheless, we advise you not to leave it to chance when it comes to impressing your guests.

A delicious meal is an essential part of any birthday celebration so you may want to make a genuine effort to wow your guests - unless you prefer them to leave early.
With the help of with gourmet chef Jean Pierre, we have put together three menus for specific tastes so feel free to get inspired and hungry!


Stay (or get) in shape
with taste!


Fuel up to party
all night long!


Anything goes
if you can stomach it!

  • Drink: fruit juice
  • Starter: hydra tongue salad
  • Main: veggie casserole
  • Dessert: carrot cake
  • Drink: mead
  • Starter: rotworm stew
  • Main: blessed steak
  • Dessert: mushroom pie
  • Drink: bug milk
  • Starter: glooth soup
  • Main: ectoplasmic sushi
  • Dessert: demonic candy balls

Rumour of the month

A most peculiar rumour reached us recently and we do not want to withhold it from you, dear readers, although we consider it rather far-fetched. We received a letter from an observant reader who calls himself B. and who claims to have unravelled the secret behind mummies, including rather famous ones such as the dark pharaoh Arkhothep.
During excavations at a place B. does not want to specify further he allegedly uncovered an ancient chest bearing the inscription "Birthday Surprise Kit". Inside, he found a few items in remarkably good condition: two yellow toilet paper rolls, a jar with a strange translucent gel inside, a ribbon, a party trumpet and a scroll. It read as follows:

How to become the perfect birthday surprise gift:

  • Apply magic balm onto your whole body. It will keep you fresh and hydrated for up to three days.
  • Ask someone to help you wrap yourself in the attached golden, silky-soft fabric. Leave a small opening around your mouth.
  • Adorn your head with the beautiful ribbon.
  • Hide inside a huge present box or a giant cake and wait for the birthday to arrive. Do not forget to take the holy trumpet with you.
  • Jump out at the right moment, blow the holy trumpet with full force and shout "Surprise!" or "Happy Birthday!"
  • Warning: We strongly advise against leaving the magic balm on your skin for longer than 72 hours to avoid any unwanted side-effects such as intense shriveling and wrinkling, an overly musty smell and a rather undead state of health.

B. concludes that mummies must be the remains of people who either missed the warning about the magic balm or, even worse, intentionally ignored it and remained wrapped by choice. What do you think, dear readers? Are mummies simply surprise gifts that were never opened? Immortal leftovers of ancient anniversary celebrations? We are confused.

++ Happy Birthday Tibia! ++