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Nov 18 2005 -
Update Teaser and New Supported Fansite
hat has Santa in his sack for you this Christmas?

This Christmas Tibia will get a new look. You will discover new graphics wherever you go. Just look around to see newly shaped mountains, new water, animated waves on the Tibian coast, a new design for grass and much more. But watch out, if you get too close to the sea, you might get wet feet!
Of course, we have also continued to expand Tiquanda. Eerie and mysterious dungeons have been discovered in the dense jungle recently, and until now nobody knows what is hidden in the dark. Rumour has it that gruesome beasts dwell down there to guard valuable treasures.
Moreover, there have been calls for help by some inhabitants of Tiquanda. Brave warriors tell tales about strange incidents in the ape settlement Banuta. So if you are looking for a challenge, you will definitely enjoy an excursion to the jungle!

First screenshots can be found at our supported fansites. To get a first impression of the new graphics, do not miss to take a look there.

Also we would like to welcome, our newest supported fansite. This site is especially interesting for Spanish-speaking players who will find interesting articles, helpful guides, jokes and information about Mexican conventions here.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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