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Nov 24 2005 -
Final Update Teaser and New Supported Fansite
ore details on the Christmas Update!

In addition to greatly improved new graphics that can be found all over Tibia, the Christmas update will also introduce the first step of a revised vocation and game balancing. It will only cover a limited part of the balancing problems in Tibia, so further adjustments for all vocations will follow in future updates.
This year's Christmas update will mainly concern druids and sorcerers of level 40 and below. As these classes have learnt to master the arcane forces of magic, they will now be able to wield powerful spell wands in combat. Those spell wands, which work in a way that is similar to regular weapons, will allow druids and sorcerers to gain experience points quicker in order to make up for the disadvantages these vocations have at lower levels when compared to knights and paladins. Magic wands can only be used by sorcerers and druids. There will be several types that differ in power and level requirement. When used in combat, they will consume a small amount of mana points with every hit which will count towards the magic level as usual. Spell wands can be bought in shops or looted from creatures.
Furthermore, the mana regeneration speed will be increased, and the mana costs of all spells will be adjusted accordingly. However, instant spells will become cheaper and therefore also more effective. Note that the maximum of mana will stay the same, so higher levels will now be needed to cast spells. As the magic system was introduced at a time when a level 50 character was still considered to be high-level, we have decided to readjust the required spell level minimums to the current situation. Being able to cast a spell will now depend on your experience level rather than on your magic level. You will not forget spells you have already learnt, but you will be unable to use them unless you have achieved the newly required level.
Again, these changes are only a first step into a whole new direction that will eventually bring exciting changes to all Tibian vocations!

Even though the ships will still work the same like before, they will now appear in a new design. Do not miss the chance to take a peek at the great new graphics on our supported fansites.

Again, we would like to welcome a new supported fansite. Many of you will already know the amazing site of Mr. Scriptman It is that site to look at if you are interested in all kind of statistical information and resources about Tibia.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team