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Mar 03 2016 -
Recommended by Tibians for Tibians
ast month, we encouraged all players to help fellow Tibians with their knowledge and expertise about the game by telling us their insider tips on where to go and what to do in Tibia.

401 Tibians took this opportunity to recommend some of their favourite places and quests and to share useful strategies and advice with others. We would like to thank all participants for letting us in on their tips and tricks. Some places, quests and strategies were recommended by several players which made choosing the winners quite difficult. Sometimes, small things tipped the scales in favour of a certain submission. All in all, we really had a hard time selecting those to be published in this article since we received so many great submissions that not only included valuable information but also moving declarations of love to Tibia. Once again: THANK YOU TIBIANS!

In the end, we picked 50 entries that we would like to share you in this article. Maybe you discover something that you did not know yet. Maybe it brings back memories of a place you visited long ago, a quest you had almost forgotten about. Maybe it inspires you to venture out and follow one of the recommendations of a fellow Tibian.

The authors of the insider tips in this article will receive an arcane insignia as a token of appreciation. The item will be sent out on Friday, March 04, 2016. Some Tibians were so eager to share their insider tips that they forgot to sign their submissions with a character name. These tips are marked with "unknown author" in this article. If you recognize your entry among them, simply post your character name in the feedback thread so that we can add it to the article and send your arcane insignia to it.

Short Cuts

Combined Movement
Elemental Spheres
Rich Through Market
Hunting Harder Monsters
Asura Palace
Value/Weight Ratio
Magic Level
Mammoth Shearing Factory
Cartography 101
Sentry Cannon
Shield Break
Warlock Strategy
Ammunition Hotkeys
Paradox Tower
Liberty Bay
Hunting Break
Thais Museum
Find Items In Depot
Start Quests
Hiding Place
Chester Kahs
Cave Explorer Outfit
Alawar's Castle
Elemental Weaknesses
Meriana Gargoyles
Levitation Spots
Wrath Of Evil
NPC Quick Talk
Kissing A Pig
Travel Alternatives
Secret Places
Have Fun
Survival Bag
Spirit Grounds
Thais Farm House

Insider Tips

Elvenbane, recommended by Ree Girl:

Years ago, when I was still a little level 32, I went to the Elvenbane Castle, located just west from Ab'Dendriel to kill my first dragon! I grabbed some potions and followed my way. You guys really have to check it someday, doesn't matter if you are a low or high level. I remember I had to face some orcs and minotaurs when I arrived there, they were protecting the main tower which was inside the walls of the castle. There were many poison fields on the floor, I had to cure myself using Cure Poison runes since I had no exana pox (wooah!). When I finally reached the dragon my hands started to shake so bad and my heart was beating faster and faster, I had to finally face my first dragon! And I did! Everything went smooth and I felt so strong! After that I realised there were more floors above the dragon and even a small quest! The Elvenbane Castle is a place everyone should visit someday, it makes Tibia even more enjoyable. I assure you won't regret going there!

Combined Movement, recommended by Bernard Wilt:

Have you ever had trouble running past monsters that close in on you? Is the lush vegetation of the jungle making it difficult to find a clear path? Do you want to escape PKs that try to cut you off, without drawing too much focus from healing yourself? Then my insider tip to you is: In addition to using your arrow keys to move your character, start to simultaneously mouse click on the ground just ahead of you. This tactic is called "Combined Movement" and when the right mouse click is used, it differs from regular map-clicking (moving your character by clicking directly on a walkable tile or on the minimap with your mouse) due to faster response from the client as well as a more controlled walking direction than map-clicking alone. This technique will automatically pass monsters that unexpectedly step in front of you, and will find a path to walk on in stressful situations, in new environments, or in visually impairing grounds.

Elemental Spheres, recommended by Orzel:

Elemental spheres quest, forgotten by most Tibians, but still a nice place to earn some fast money. In this case I will write about Elemental Spheres for druids. To start this quest, you need just level 80. On this level you may hunt Earth Elementals there easily, collecting Natural Soils, which you may sell to NPC, or use them for better cash! Hunting Earth Overlord there is great profit, especially when you have friends. To hunt Earth Overlord you need to use Natural Soils and a few fresh corpses to summon it. In this hunt everything is about TIME. You can summon bosses just for a short time - every time you use soils. So if you bring your friends, you can kill more bosses in the same time than alone. Each boss drops a mother soil which you can sell to NPC. Remember - the faster you kill bosses, the more you can summon, the more you can earn! Good hunting!

Rich Through Market, recommended by Dumbledore:

Become a Tibillionaire in 1 month... The Tibian market is designed for players to easily trade with each other. As it is accessible from any depot players usually look on the market to buy items instead of making the long trip to the NPC's. Here is a guide on which items to buy and sell on market. Brown Mushrooms (buy 10gp) (sell 11gp), Backpacks (buy 20gp) (sell 50gp+-), Yalahar shortcut access items (buy 200gp) (sell 1k+-), Area runes such as Avalanches (buy 45gp) (sell 50gp (+-). These are easy-to-obtain items that you can buy in large bulks and make a nice profit on. Other items (that require quest access) are: Garlic Necklaces, Stone Skin Amulets. You can also buy Djinn/Rashid items lower than the NPC price then sell them at the NPC yourself. Finally, it must be mentioned that a true business man wears Nobleman Outfit so don't forget to pay Irmana a visit when you have made your fortune. Good luck and have a safe journey in Tibia!

Draconia, recommended by Aega:

I have played Tibia for a very long time and there is this wonderful place that has remained untouched over the years. If you are looking for a fast paced exp grinding area this place is not for you, but if your looking for some laid back old school hunting and exploring this is a must see place. Draconia! Draconia is home to Dragons and 1 DL along with a pyramid filled with fun and adventure. I do not want to give away all the secrets but a friend and I once fell through a fiery carpet and were trapped in a hole we couldn't find our way out of, we laughed and laughed, then realized a corps was covering our rope hole. I still love to go and hunt here it is a long journey but it is a quiet hunting area. One other thing I enjoy is that the keys are a daily spawn so once you grab them others can not reach you inside the pyramid unless they already have keys, saved me from getting pk'd once. The only thing missing is a mailbox so be prepared to drag a bag a very long distance. :)

Hunting Harder Monsters, recommended by Aegis Healgaard:

Are you tired of your current hunting grounds? Do you sometimes wish that you could hunt more difficult monsters? By using this strategy you will be able to hunt harder monsters, and thus making more content available for you at a lower level. To start with, you need to search for the monster or monsters that you are going to hunt on the promoted fansite, for example. On the monsters own page there, you need to look after "Walks around" and note that element. To make things simple I will use a grim reaper as an example. Grim reapers walk around fire. What you then do, is you place a fire bomb, fire wall or fire field on the ground. Then, when the monster is chasing you, the monster will now see the fire field as an obstacle and walk around it. But you can still shoot through the fire and walk through it. Enabling you more obstacles to run around while kiting a hard monster. If done well, it will have a hard time catching you. ;)

Asura Palace, recommended by Aureran Knight:

Asuras are a relatively new creature to the game still, I like to hunt them on my character. It is advisable to hunt these with a knight or have plenty of hitpoints to deal with their combo attacks. A group of level 100+ characters can hunt these and at 130 a knight with proper equipment can solo these for approximately 1 million exp an hour. A strategy is to use armor that resists physical fire and death since their spawn also has hellspawns. This is a good hunting ground that can be profitable to any group, knights and paladins shouldn't have much trouble against these but mages may need to watch out with hitpoints below 1000. Physical and ice attacks are recommended for this hunting ground in the port hope Tiquanda jungle.

Value/Weight Ratio, recommended by Niei Hidora:

You sometimes have that doubt about which item makes up more lead , here's the strategy that I use in my hunts, it is quite simple actually: just divide the value at which it will be sold by weight it has. For example: Brass Armor is sold for 150 golds and weighs 80 oz: 150/80 = 1.875. Each 1 oz of Brass Armor is worth 1,875 gold. We take another example: 100 Empty Potion Flask ( Small) is sold for 500 golds and weighs 150 oz: 500/150 = 3,333. Each 1 oz of Empty Potion Flask worth 3,333 gold . It is a formula that can help on any item.

Magic Level, recommended by Zapt The Magician:

If you are a master sorcerer level 45 or above and want to boost your magic level spending as little as possible, here is the tip: *Pay attention to the following math class* Whenever you have 200 soulpoints, spend them by making sudden death runes. Buy 40 blank runes and 400 mana potions, costing 20040 gold pieces. You will end up with 120 sudden death runes and 400 vials. If you sell your runes for the NPC price (108 gold each) and the vials, you will get 14960 gold. Short story, you will spend only 5080 gold coins for 35800 mana! Thank me later for you super magic level. ;)

Mammoth Shearing Factory, recommended by Theros Guardian:

If you're out in the cold lands of Svargrond, and want to hunt some mammoths on an almost unvisited place, you should head to the Mammoth Shearing Factory. You will find yourself a spot free from the falling snow, and you can gather some Mammoth Tusk and Thick Fur to bargain for the precious gold! But beware! The factory is managed by some Giants, who will not tolerate someone killing their pets! And don't forget the Witches! During one night at the local tavern, Sven told me about the witches inside the factory, and I almost thought he was making it out. Just in case, I've decided to grab some amulets and runes... And the story was true! Don't really know what kind of witchery they're making out, but it surely is something about turning Mammoths into Elephants! So Tibian, prepare your fur backpack and go explore the Mammoth Shearing Factory!

Discovery, recommended by Bella Kodinha:

Levelling and completing the numerous quests is exciting, but it's a whole new level of accomplishment to find them out on your own, and discovering their backstory gives you a new insight on the game. Perhaps even finding what you never thought you would have the chance to. If you are lucky, you might solve one of the secret quests and old mysteries that no player could in all these years. To get it started, speak to NPC's and see what they can tell you. Also visit the libraries and see for yourself how many stories and clues you can find. Go ahead and ask them anything, investigate, search for the answers you need! When feeling the nostalgia of your first Desert Quest, you can take the opportunity to explore the undergrounds of the Jakundaf Desert, one of the oldest and most mysterious places in Tibia and yet to be fully discovered. So many levers, tiles, doors and secret entrances you should try!

Cartography 101, recommended by Dsian:

Hello Tibians, I recommend you to use some of your time on a different kind of quest, the cartography 101 quest. I started this quest with the intention to get achievement points, but in the end I must admit that it was incredible to cartograph all of those places. You must to do that quest, because I felt the same feeling of mu first year in tibia, like in 2005, when players just played for fun and pride. Good luck friends!

Sentry Cannon, recommended by Unknown Author:

Turn your mage into a sentry cannon by setting your wave attack hotkeys to "ctrl + f#". You will spin in place, and aim surgically towards your target.

Shield Break, recommended by Katniss Everdean:

If you are hunting in an area with a mixture of creatures, try hitting the minor ones to deep red health rather than killing them. Many will then stop attacking you and just run away which means they will not be breaking your shield or getting in your way while you try to run when you are dealing with the stronger creatures. For example, when hunting the Ancient Scarabs the ordinary scarabs that are in the caves with them will leave you alone if they are left in deep red health.

Warlock Strategy, recommended by Knight Wout:

Bring a Closed Trap with you and make your way to either the north-western or north-eastern vertex of the pentagram in the main room of Demona. Place the trap inside the one-way passage and lure a Warlock to your vertex of choice. Now quickly position yourself inside it and diagonally adjacent to your trap. The Warlock will not know what to do he can only reach you with his attacks from the square the trap is on, but that position also leaves him vulnerable to your strikes. He will therefore keep ambling back and forth between the trap-square and the one before it while only attacking with melee. Attack the Warlock and keep opening the trap in order to prevent him from going invisible. When he is about to run, trap him inside the vertex and you can finish him off easily. Rinse and repeat this strategy with the other Warlocks in the room, and your days of burning your feet while frantically chasing after invisible Warlocks like a headless chicken are finally over.

Rachel, recommended by Ticy Phenyl:

I always thought the Carlin Magic Shop NPC Rachel was especially rude whenever I as a young Sorcerer hurried by and talked to her as I quickly traded for my hunting runes and potions.She would always say "I thought only intelligent people were allowed to become sorcerers." One day, to my surprise, when I took the time out to answer her question "yes" ,Rachel didn't insult me and actually remembered me! The next day I tried to trick Rachel when she asked if it was me and I said "No". First Lesson! DON'T LIE TO RACHEL! I was met with a fiery display of anger.

Ammunition Hotkeys, recommended by Unknown Author:

A good tip I can tell is about how to reload ammunition only with hotkeys. I believe that few people know it, well, at least I did not know until then. The tip is: 1) Open the hotkey option. 2) Selects an available hotkey and put the ammunition in it. 3) Then, just click on equip, and it is ready. Simple and easy. I hope I have shared this knowledge that few paladins know about it.

Paradox Tower, recommended by Parrilla:

Every Tibian should definitely do the Paradox Tower quest! This quest has been in Tibia since almost its beginning and involves everything Tibia is! It's a quest full of riddles, something long forgotten by players and a thing that new players(in most cases) are not even aware of. This quest involves going to some places that are not known to many of the new players, like Mintwallin. The area view of the quest is just splendid! It's such a mind-soothing place! Fourth, the rewards are very good, I mean, 10,000 gold pieces are an awesome help, 32 talons very good for house decoring, a Wand of cosmic energy, very helpful for either levelling or making extra cash or even the phoenix egg, a discount on blessing - it's very handy! Remember, you can get two of those! Involve killing evil creatures during the quest. Last but not least, this quest is an open door to many other things: game knowledge - quests making (the hat of the mad, it's close to Mintwallin) - most important, fun!

Liberty Bay, recommended by Rugers Kruger:

If you are a person who likes to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tibia, I can recommend that you explore the exotic areas of Liberty Bay and the surrounding islands. Who can honestly say that they have never dreamed about traveling to a wild and exotic island in the pacific, sit under a sunshade on the beach, sip from a drink while listening to the waves and enjoy the heat without a single little worry in the world? That is the general feeling I get when I visit the island of Meriana. Gaining access to this beautiful island begins with helping the noblewoman Eleonore in Liberty Bay to find her lost precious wedding ring. Once you have completed this and other required tasks you may now enjoy a tropical, hot and relaxing vacation far from the dangers of orc invasions, noisy towncryers, pollution, rat plagues and other horrors. Every Tibian should take a vacation from their busy hunting once in a while and simply enjoy life as a Tibian.

Hunting Break, recommended by Ilus Vale:

Is your bank account getting empty? Take a well-deserved break from hunting and enjoy some time in the countryside. A nice change of pace is ice fishing around Svarground, it is not only tranquil, but surprisingly profitable if you manage to catch a northern pike from time to time. If Svargrond is a bit too chilly for your taste, harvesting sugarcane and wheat to make sugar oat can be a nice alternative. There are always people around who'd like to entice some wild horses, your sugar oat would surely help them out, for a small fee of course.

Thais Museum, recommended by Makadamia:

Not everyone knows that Tibia has to offer something more than interesting quests and exciting hunts. There is also a Museum! It is open every Sunday, and tickets cost only 50 gp. This place is surely worth visiting, all Tibians can see lots of beautiful and valuable exhibitions. Some of them are impossible to get (we can buy it only from players), but other items are possible to win by lucky players in fansite contests. I strongly recommend this interesting place!

Interaction, recommended by Kart Agina:

I am pretty sure that every one of us have experienced the "darker" side of this game - Death. It is the time when you, as a brave warrior have to concede and start your journey once again. But it may get harder once you die even more than you could have expected in a dreaded nightmare. And that is when frustration kicks in. Most people are taking a break from the game, and some even consider quitting it for good. All of them have their rights to do it, but they are missing one vital point. Every time I find myself in this hard situation I remind myself that this game is not totally about levels, skills and money. It is about interaction with other players, sharing stories and experience with strangers, finding new exciting friendships. Do not be upset that some ruthless horde of orcs ambushed and assassinated you with cold blood. Call your friends, find a group of skillful fighters and get your revenge and then proceed to have fun with people that helped you at this hard time.

Find Items In Depot, recommended by May Cin:

Quickly get an item on your messy depot (premium only). If your depot isn't really organised and you need to find certain item you left in there follow these steps: a) Search for your item in the market. b) Create a Sell Offer selecting the item you want to find (sell it for 9999k). c) Go to My Offers and cancel the newly created order. d) Ta-da! Your lost item will appear in your inbox.

Start Quests, recommended by Dari Shazu:

Always have the necessary quests! For me, there is nothing more important than have at least started (and if you can, advanced) a part of various quests. You may ask "Which ones?" It is up to you! If you are hungry of adventures, you can take part of the main quests, these quests are going to bring you a lot of benefits, included: 1) access to diverse hunting places, 2) useful things like the inquisition blessing, 3) REWARDS!, and, at last but not least 4) FUN! If the adventures aren't yours, but you like the coin, you are going to need what every good merchant needs, CONTACTS! "And how do I get them?" EASY! Every quest that let you sell items that aren't usually available to sell to a NPC will give you an advantage. You can make a big coin by buying items to players that can not sell them to a NPC! And, if you are going to get involved in a battle, the access to every place in tibia will be always good! Keep safe all the keys and have all the access!

Hiding Place, recommended by Dark master chaos:

A rare sighting in Liberty Bay may just reward you with an item that allows you to fool and escape from your enemies. During the pirate raids on Liberty Bay you will find that some of these cunning thieves will be carrying a 'Very Old Piece of Paper' with them. If you manage to loot such an item use a fire bug on it, being careful not to damage the paper too much. If you hand this into Wyrdin who resides in the middle of Magic Academy, he will reveal the secrets of the paper. After this you will be allowed to enter a secret hole south of Tiquanda, just next to the distinctive carved tree. Even if you are skulled!! Never again will you find yourself trapped in the lands of Port Hope with nowhere to hide. Thanks to this little trick all you need to remember is your Shovel. And in traditional pirate fashion don't forget to mark this spot on your map with a cross.

Mistrock, recommended by Tobias of Dauntless:

I recommend for hunting grounds for as low as level 8, Mistrock west of the city of Yalahar is very good. Although there is the quest you must finish with the explorer society in the town of Port Hope to get there, it is well worth it. There are many friendly Tibians waiting to help out when needed. Not many players hunt in Mistrock and with many cyclops being alive it makes for a huge hunting ground. Pack up some stealth rings to take with you - there is no cyclops that can sense invisible targets, you will be able to earn faster exp this way. With a bit of training I was able to level my character from level 8 to level 30 in a matter of a couple of hours.

Calassa, recommended by Azerius the Dark:

If you are tired of dragons, tarantulas, crystal spiders, wyrms, heros etc, then you can explore Calassa. If you go to Calassa take a Diving helmet with you to protect yourself from water elementals, otherwise they can one-hit you (if you are a mage). Take many thunderstorm/stoneshower runes with you and be ready to use rage of the skies/wrath of nature. In Calassa you will be swarmed by all kinds of Quaras and so it could be very hardcore sometimes. Be ready to use poison bombs/walls to protect yourself from predators and pinchers. Calassa can give you good exp and much fun to explore (it's a large place). The loot depends on luck, you can easily loot skull helmets, relic swords, glacier robes, warrior helmets, crown armors etc, but you can also loot nothing. This place is good for solo mages and for little low lvl teams with EK and mage. Talking about Quaras.... Frozen Trench is a completely unexplored and unknown place. I have been there only once myself.

Chester Kahs, recommended by Evxie:

Being a loyal subject to King Tibianus, to whom he directly reports, Chester Kahs serves the world of Tibia as the head of the TBI, keeping all of us safer with the help of his Red Guard. Tragically, after his failure to defend Carlin against the severe orc raids, Chester has become almost paranoid. His trust issues are even worse, or, in his own words, "Too many possibilities to become a servant of darkness to trust ANYONE!". Even though he's very suspicious, he still tries to fight evil at all costs. That's why when Naji, the banker, tells me my economies are on low, I, Evxie, run to the Tibia Market and try to buy good-priced Life Crystals! By informing Chester Kahs about Gamel being a rebel, he will gladly take your life crystal, before Gamel gives it to Lugri, which could cast a death curse! Thankful for your act, Chester Kahs will give you an amazing Life Ring, which you can always sell for a better price than you paid for your Life Crystal!

Cave Explorer Outfit, recommended by Unknown Author:

Want to get that nice looking Cave Explorer outfit but lack the team to brave the Lower Spike repeatedly for those coveted fame points? You can still get it! Just ask Gnomargery for the "Kill" task and fight the drillworms on the Kazordoon dwarven mines! Venture yourself to the south of the steamboat and you'll find plenty of drillworms in a task you can undertake by yourself. Enjoy your outfit!

Alawar's Castle, recommended by Wepizz:

Alawar's castle on Senja is a beautiful place. Rarely anybody visits it, which is strange since it is a magnificent castle! After Iona was merged we didn't have a guild hall yet. We wanted to have a guild meeting and needed a place for it. So we decided to do it in Alawar's castle. It turned out to be the nicest guild meeting I ever had. The place will give you a nostalgia trip!

Elemental Weaknesses, recommended by Zan achillies:

Its important to know the elemental weakness of the creature you are hunting! For example, a fury may seem like a fire creature, but is actually weaker to energy and earth than it is to ice! Use thunderstorms or stone shower runes to take them down in groups!

Friends, recommended by Liravel:

Bring your buddies into game! Once of the best fun in Tibia is team playing. Each hunt, each action, is much funnier if you will not stand alone. CipSoft made party hunting, with experience sharing, better for everyone. Tibia is not like many on-line games, where you meet your friends only for some dungeons. In Tibia, true power of your character is when you stay arm by arm with your friends. Additional extra bonus experience for a party when you meet other class characters means quicker experience, less waste of runes and healing fluids and of course much more fun! That's why people should never explore Tibia's world alone!

Inukaya, recommended by Smuu:

Inukaya - a small isle available after 5 mission of Ice Island Quest. Chakoyas' home. They attack in groups but they're kinda weak, so high level or skill isn't need to take them down. All is about their rare Fireproof Horn drop which can be merged with a Tinder Box to obtain a Melting Horn (item to tame Ursagrodon). I recommend to make some hunts in Chakoyas during the whole year and collect as many Fireproof Horns as you can because Ursagrodons appear only once per year during one month, from April till May. Also the price of Fireproof Horn/Melting Horn will rise up surprisingly during this time period, that's why I suggest to loot your own horns for your usage or for profit by reselling them during the event. Grab your weapons and have an adventure of your life!

Meriana Gargoyles, recommended by Skelise:

Meriana Gargoyle cave, fairly unknown cave with many floors filled with Gargoyles, Tarantulas, Stone Golems and Thornback Tortoises as well as a couple Blood Crabs. This means you can do 3 Killing in the Name of... Tasks at the same time. To access it you need to complete a short questline which you begin at Eleonore in Liberty Bay. I'd recommend it for characters (mages and knights) between level 30 and 50, using GFB or exori. Personally on a sorcerer, I was getting 300k experience / hour starting at level 30. Another good thing about the spawn is that it is safe. I've been surrounded several times and even with a spellbook the damage isn't lethal if you keep healing with exura gran. For the hunts I've done I've used roughly 30 mana potions and 600-700 GFBs, with life rings and soft boots. Happy hunting!

Yelling, recommended by Zaygrim:

There is a power that everyone has, yet few harness. It is... THE POWER OF YELLING! That's right. Just click that little button beside your chat box and you too can wield THE MIGHTY SHOUT! How is it powerful? Through combat? Perhaps. A challenge belted out with vehemence will make even the sturdiest of dungeon denizens tremble. COWER BACK, VILE FIEND! But that is not where the true power of the yell lies. No, its true strength is in... THE UNBREAKABLE BOND OF FRIENDSHIP! Yes! When you yell, the whole town will know the words in your heart. That is when you will find the people who will stand by your side. They will yell with you. WE HEAR YOUR CALL, MIGHTY HERO! However, you can only yell once every thirty seconds. After all, it takes a lot of breath to yell. SO MAKE THOSE WORDS COUNT! (Also, just between you and me, if you click that button again, you can whisper. Quiet and intimate. It's a great way to keep secrets with those closest to you.)

Levitation Spots, recommended by Angel of Anguish:

Common levitation spots are known to many players, but if you're new, you can easily learn how to identify one, many "Cave entrances" and passages might have stair next to them, but also an Exani Hur down/up spot which is quite obvious to an experienced player, it can save you time using Levitate rather going few sqm's around to reach the stair! a great example for it is in Svargrond Arena Stair, or Nightmare Isle has many spots to do so.. knowing what Exani hur up looks like graphically will ensure you noticing another newly added spot like that too! Learning maps and passages are always good, in case of trouble you'll be leading and knowing how to lose your hunters, and confuse them!

Wrath Of Evil, recommended by Cicero Soul:

The popular and profitable spawns are usually taken for long periods of the day and when you have only a few hours or even just one hour free, its daunting to spend time running around searching for a vacant spawn. I have found that hunting the entrance of magistrate spawn: "Wrath of Evil", or "Catacombs" as it is commonly named, allows for a relaxed hunt that is quite profitable, so many steel boots if you have some luck! I usually go on my paladin and go up the stairs and run east a little, there is a fountain of fire that means there is a 2x3 square you can run monsters around. There is usually 1 Dark Torturer close by that comes for me and possible a Destroyer that comes from the south. Just remember that when a DT gets to red, run it to the area by the stairs to stop it running into the spawn!!! I simply go east then south and lure one by one without the need for energy/fire bombs like I have seen others use. Hope this helps!

NPC Quick Talk, recommended by Mathias Bynens:

For most NPCs, instead of saying e.g. "hi", "venore", and "yes" in separate messages, you can actually combine it into a single message "hi venore yes" and then say that 3 times in total. This allows you to bind the phrase "hi venore yes" to a hotkey and just press it three times - much faster than typing each message separately. Note that "hi venore yes" is just an example, it works for most other NPCs and other purposes as well.

Rookgaard, recommended by Luthorc:

Since december nineteen ninety nine, In the realm of Tibia there was: An Island were all new souls went, For learning and training until, They could choose what path to begin, Until august twenty nine in the fouthteen, When a new portal for young souls would appear. But few new souls really know, That after only one of their own, Gets to leave Dawnport to explore, Inigo may open the way, For the rest to venture to this place. So next time you find him in your way, Say Rookgaard, yes, yes and Go!, Where the old gates of your world, Could have showed you how to become, The hero you would've been. And if you deside to visit this place, Remember that there still lies, The oldest secret of all, That only the Humble may touch, The furious sword in the stone. So to all readers I say, We might have left it behind, But its secrets still taunt us. Beware that if you go, you leave behind all that you learnt. So you may grab the sword behind the flames.

Kissing A Pig, recommended by Milinko:

I recommend the Kissing a Pig Quest. There are a lot of nonsense quests but that's what makes an MMORPG fun. This quest may be long but it has just an amazing quest experience that others quest don't provide. It may just be for the simple fact that its a common fairy tale love story put into the game but a lot of quest are all about slamming down potions for survival but we do that every time we hunt but this quest is pretty laid back it allows players to take a break and get lost in tibia's fantastic lore. Its rewards even go with the greatest part of tibia, and that is simply collecting items to show off to friends rare or just for look. I do know there are a lot more quest that are laid back but this one is one of my favourites.

Greenshore, recommended by Unknown Author:

This lonely town has been forgotten and is nearly extinct to most Tibian's minds. It has existed since near the beginning of the birth of Tibia. Just north of Thais lies Greenshore. It's more than just a grassy land filled with chickens and wolves. It is the memories that lie within it. Killing your first dragon at level 20 exceeds all expectations you have had especially a decade ago. Accomplishing this feat creates a road ahead. Firstly, you will never forget your first dragon, but secondly Greenshore depicts the classic background of the original Tibia land. Though the hunting ground is what it used to be. The memories make up for that and have a longer lasting effect on your Tibian experience and adventures. Greenshore is by far the most commemorated town I know and I recommend to all players to revisit this place to recall how their experience began and for newcomers to join in on the action to see what the fuss is all about!

Talk, recommended by Sensible Sage:

Talk! This should be obvious but make sure to communicate with a new hunting partner or group. Everyone has their own pace and style but when the parties ryhthm is out of sync things can go disastrously wrong at any time. Check everyone is familiar with the hunting ground. Make sure the size of the monster pulls aren't too big/small (safety over exp or exp over safety?). Discuss how to deal with difficult sections (Leroy Jenkins/YOLO is not a strategy). Plan how to deal with a bad situation that may arise (overpulling/luring/backspawns). If worst comes to worst have an escape route or two (or three or four). Most importantly, remember to have fun!

Travel Alternatives, recommended by Mozz:

You don't have to always use the boat to travel around Tibia. There are a plentiful of other ways to get around. If you happen to be carrying some Orichalcum Pearls with you then you can use them to travel from plains of havoc without having to fight your way out. The blue teleport crystals that you can buy in Kazordoon will allow you to travel to almost all cities in Tibia. Its a safe and cheap option if you suspect someone may be waiting for you outside one of the boats.

Telas, recommended by Awenadina:

Do you like hunting behemoths or war golems? You have tons of battle stones, war crystals or other small items like sulphurous stones in your depot box? Oh, and all those colourful crystal pedestals? You should go to Edron and find NPC Telas east of the city! He will buy all that items but first you must make the quest, 'Shadows of Yalahar'. Telas will give you many interesting missions but after all of them he will invite you to his laboratory and not only start buing your itmes but give you the oportunity to mount the Modified Gnarlhound! Oh, and you must know that when you want to sell crystal pedestals you do not find them in trade window but you have to say 'hi -> crystal pedestal -> yes'. Good luck with that quest!

Secret places, recommended by Unknown Author:

There are many secret places in Tibia. I could not name them all, since well.... they are kept a secret. But I know it's there! One of them however, is a unique little island near Plains of Havoc. If you're on your way to discover Bright Sword quest, you're almost there already! Simply turn south in the Giant Spider cave and there's a secret rope spot hiden behind a corpse and a cape. Up that rope spot, there is an island with amazing view over the seas.

Roshamuul, recommended by Brighterr:

Challenging Roshamuul Valley! Roshamuul Valley is one of the best profit-wise places on Tibia but at the same time it's really dangerous to hunt there! Following my tips you should be able to make tons of Exp/Gold while keeping your life safer! - Always wear a Garlic Necklace! They will protect you from Guzzlemaw's life drain waves! - If things get insane, equip a Necklace of the Deep and enhance your life drain protection! - Mages, beware the Silencers! They cut a big part of your Magic Level! Stay on energy bombs to prevent them! - Use the terrain at your favor! Wild Growth runes will facilitate the Druid's life while healing! - If you're hunting at the eastern part, don't forget to use the Large Pile of Various Bones! I heard you may earn some clusters with NPC Sandomo! - Always check if the Sights of Surrenders are around the area on your hunting day. This big eyed guy is really strong! - Need to be afk? Climb some ruined stairs and be safe! Good Hunting! :)

Have Fun, recommended by Mavakk:

There are many insider tips on how to make money and how to gain levels very quickly. Most of them are worth taking into account. However, we need to keep in mind the core strategy of this game: HAVE FUN! When we start caring too much about wars, levels, skills, we tend to forget that the point of Tibia is to take a moment away from real life and to enjoy our time online. Whether you are the kind of player who likes to chat all day in depot, find mysteries or even level up your characters quickly, remember that you have to do it for fun. Do not forget the reason why this game was created!

Survival Bag, recommended by Mugsy:

Here's my survival bag strategy: I have a bag opened at the top right as close to gear slots as can be. In the bag I have all types of rings and protective amulets, wands and a blessed steak (refills mana). Bag is always open. Before entering stairs or holes where I'll be ambushed by beasts, I equip an elven amulet and might ring to reduce the combos while I clear the mess. I may quickly equip an energy ring anytime I'm overwhelmed. Dwarven ring is handy for times of unwanted peer pressure. Time ring is for quick escape from powerful murderers. I can quickly swap my weapon if my enemies are showing off their resistances. The perfect fail safe lies in the blessed steak (rotworm stew for Knights). I can restore 5,000 mana with one click if, say, my blocker succumbs and their burdens suddenly fall on me. Great candidates for the survival bag: Elvenhair rope, Squeezing gear of girlpower, Bullseye/Berserk/Mastermind Potions, UH Runes, Carrot Cake, Walls/Bombs, Stealth ring, Knife for web walls.

Spirit Grounds, recommended by Yami Yugi:

Spirit Grounds, a highly forgotten but neat place, specially for mages. Each day, it changes its locations and monsters; here are the possible monsters that might spawn there. Be careful, there might be monsters too strong for you! 1 - Ghouls, Ghosts, Bonelords, Mummies (recommended for levels 30+) 2 - Souleaters, Banshees, Nightstalkers, Braindeaths (recommended for 100+) 3 - Nightmares, Nightmare Scions, Spectres, Phantasms (recommended for 150+) For all these variations, you should bring a lot of supplies such as mana potions and great fireball runes. You should also bring some food for the first two variations, as none of the mentioned monsters drop any kind of food. This place isn't good for knights or paladins, as most of the monsters in there are strong against physical damage. The gate for this place might be located in Vengoth, mountains between Ankrahmun and Darashia or Ghostlands. Hope you have fun in there!

Thais Farm House, recommended by Taylor Brown:

No one should miss this perfect resting spot. Southeast of Thais, by the Troll Caves, a tiny and secluded Farm House can be found. There, young adventures can peacefully rest while enjoying the cool breeze brought in by the eastern winds. Every morning, the original owners of the Farm House, Donald and Sherry McRonald, bake wonderful bread and other goods to take back to the city. Their main property and store is located is located the heart of the city. You can still find some leftovers by the oven and counter tops. In the backyard, fresh fruits, including watermelons, can be seen growing and ready to be eaten. The Farm House is the perfect Tibia icon. Young adventurers can peacefully rest, recharge their mana and life points and by using the ladder to the roof, enjoy the wonderful view. PS: if you squint really hard you can see the misty shores of Plains of Havoc.

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