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Apr 06 2016 -
C.G.B. - Top Secret
uring a random visit at the C.G.B. headquarters in Carlin, we have come across something interesting that we would like to share with you, Tibians. The C.G.B. clearly wanted to keep this top secret, however, we feel that you have a right to know!

Report: For years, reports about explorers who have gone missing while checking the status of the Formorgar Mines underneath the Formorgar Glacier have accumulated. Over 50% of explorers who had been sent out in the name of the Queen have not returned home as planned. Their expeditions should have ended long ago. Several tourists and other visitors have gone missing in the same time. Many people visiting the Formorgar Glacier seem to have disappeared mysteriously during their travels. Their traces were lost quickly after they set out from Svargrond. No one has heard from them again. They never returned back to the city. It is safe to assume that they went missing in the ice.

To the assigned agent: Due to budget cuts, the investigators from Svargrond now officially closed these cases of missing persons in the Formorgar Glacier, assuming they have succumbed to the low temperatures on the island. Their bodies, however, have never turned up anywhere. Witness statements that could not be validated are included in the reports from Svargrond that have now been forwarded to the Carlin's Girls Brigade, inquiring whether the C.G.B. would like to pursue own investigations, since many of the missing persons have been explorers that originally resided in Carlin and were on missions for Queen Eloise. The C.G.B. has received permission from the Jarl of Svargrond to pursue own investigations on Svargrond territory. Due to the mysterious circumstances of the reports and the unvalidated, however, alarming witness statements, as well as prevailing urban legends about the Formorgar Glacier, the C.G.B. has decided to forward this entire matter to the X-File unit, with the request and hope to bring clarity into the matter, not only to the C.G.B, but also to the families of the brave adventurers who had set out so courageously into the ice desert.
A copy of the report was also forwarded to the Tibian Bureau of Investigation, the T.B.I., since several of the persons that have gone missing were travellers from Thais. Investigators from Thais were granted the same permission to pursue investigations on Svargrond territory. It might be advisable to unite forces this one time in order to solve these cases - only amidst the greatest secrecy!

Casefile: No. 1344512

Codename: Man in the Cave.

Subject of the investigation: Under suspicion is an urban legend. For most native Svargrondarians, or the barbarians, how they refer to themselves, the myth of the existence of a mysterious being called 'Man in the Cave' is a given fact, even though proof could never be validated. This mysterious being is said to be living in the Formorgar Glacier, hiding in a cave, waiting for prey. He or it prefers to capture adventurers and explorers. In order to take them hostage, the Man in the Cave allegedly waits sneakily for them to pass underneath the entrance of his cave. Then in the right second, he is said to rope them up into his hiding place. Before his victims have time to realise what has happened, and to reorientate themselves, they are attacked and killed silently by the creature itself and its monkish companions. No one knows what this creature really is and what it does with the victims. Rumours go as far as assuming cannibalism, provided that the suspect in question actually is of human nature. Reasons for such assumptions are reports from people who claim to have come across this creature. You shouldn't be looking at what's written here, that was marked in black on purpose. Cannibalism might not be the true nature of the unsub, it might be a mere survival technique, given the fact that he supposedly resides in a cave in a glacier. Either way, the suspect is considered dangerous and will attempt to kill on sight.
This myth is burnt deeply into people's belief in the far North. You really are curious, huh? Science tells us that in all myths we can find bits of the truth. As low as the probability is that after all this time of investigations now proof can actually be acquired to validate the story of this urban legend, it is the goal of this investigation. If its existence is proven, an assessment whether this being could be a possible cause of death of the explorers is a further object of the investigation.
Considering the time that has passed since the departure of the explorers, we unfortunately have to agree with the investigators from Svargond and assume the missing explorers to be dead. Stop trying to read things that aren't meant for your eyes! Chances of survival in the ice for such a long period of time are at a minimum. Therefore, the search for proof of the existence of a creature like the 'Man in the Cave' shall be the primal focus of the X-File unit, not the search for survivors.

Appearance: Unclear. Reports state that he is of human build, carrying ropes with him and that he is often surrounded by monks.

Suspected weapons used in the commission of a crime: Reports hint at the usage of regular looking ropes to catch the victims, like this one:

Research concerning the legend of the Man in the Cave:

Witness Statements:

  • witness no. #11388182: Wow, I only heard legends of the 'Man in the Cave' - I thought the 'Man in the Cave' was a myth/nightmare, but no, he actually lives. -hides-
  • witness no. #11392897: Ok guys, I'm making a high level team to kill this man in the cave. I need level 70+ to defeat it. Bring around 20 bps of sd's and knights bring about 100 bp of uhs. Msg me or post here to say you're in.
  • witness no. #12222753: Recently I went to the cave of dwarves and found a skeleton inside a brown hood, and the most terrible thing is that the skeleton had A ROPE tied around his neck! - The man in the cave is an extremely dangerous criminal!!
  • witness no. #12222911: You see a rope. It weighs 18.00 oz. - it's true! We have proof, this item was found after a failed attempt to rope a poor noob's monk, we believe the elusive 'Man in the Cave' dropped this as he ran.
  • witness no. #12425974: A few days ago I was casually standing in the rope hole of a tomb in ankh and I WAS ROPED! - Unfortunately I was overcome by shock and then 3 hyeana stopped me from getting a good look at the man in the desert caves... - Truth.
  • witness no. #12430124: I saw the Man in the Cave.
  • witness no. #13376702: I think I saw him once, but I managed to escape.
  • witness no. #14217679: Somebody told me that if you say 3 times 'Man in the Cave' in front of a mirror he appears behind you and hangs you with his rope. It's true, a friend of a friend told me.
  • witness no. #16102747: Yay, today I met the son of the 'Man in a cave'.
  • witness no. #18856707: I saw one man roping a monk yesterday...
  • witness no. #24165863: It is confession time for me, unfortunately. I must confess, that after all this time, I am the man in the cave. I am sorry.
  • witness no. #37106235: The 'Man in the Cave' roped me up today, I almost died. I didn't dare to fight him I just ran away. When I came back with a team to kill him he wasn't there any more. - MAN IN THE CAVE IS STILL ON THE LOOSE. WATCH YOUR BACK, NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN.
C.G.B. agent assigned: Sana Dully

T.B.I. contact: Mox Fulder

Attachement: Possible crime scene photo, source anonymous:

We are certain: The truth must be out there! However, we advise you to be careful and to trust no one, in case you will pursue your own investigations now and start looking for this mysterious creature!

Happy hunting!
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