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Dec 07 2005 -
Security Warning and Important House Issue
new paragraph has been added to our security hints in which we underline the importance of updating the operating system and other software like the browser on your computer. Please read them carefully and follow all advices at all times to avoid getting hacked.

Along with the new graphics, walls had to be replaced in many buildings. For this reason it will be necessary to clean all houses for the new update. You can either bring all items you have stored in your house to the depot yourself in the next few days, or have them moved to your depot automatically during the update. Of course, all of your items will be sent to your depot safely and you will not lose them even if the depot limit is exceeded. This applies also to guildhalls. Everything that is still in the guildhall when the update is launched will be sent to the depot of the guild leader. Please understand that all items that are not portable, such as chairs and tables, must be deleted.

Kind regards,
Your CipSoft Team