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Apr 05 2016 -
The World is Falling Apart
hat is this?

Olivia rubbed her eyes, but that spinning colourful thing did not go away. She had heard that the sun could do this to you, that - if you wander through the desert for too long, your mind will start playing tricks on you.

She felt really drawn to that spinning thing, but was wary at the same time. Could this be one of those vortexes that more and more people started talking about?

She had listened to stories of hunters in the tavern who had boasted about having entered a different world through one of these things, a world that seemed very disruptive to the mind and body, with shapes and colours that seemed not natural or healthy, inhabited by things that were not meant to be. Only through bravery they could survive this, they had said. They had mumbled something about energy entering their bodies, an unspeakable energy that charged them in an unnerving way and attuned them to the strange realm, enabling them to face the embodiments of destruction itself. They said that they were rescuing our world, as we know it. That they were preventing the very end of existence from entering our reality.

She had not believed any of these stories. They did not make too much sense. She had accredited it all to the booze, and maybe also a bit to the hot desert sun. Now she wished she had listened more closely, though.

That thing... spinning relentlessly just slightly above the ground... It was weird. The energy around it gave her goose bumps. It felt, as if something was tearing the atmosphere apart...