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Apr 08 2016 -
The Otherworld
livia could not resist. She touched that swirling thing on the desert ground, and...

...she felt all woozy for a second there. When she opened her eyes, she did not recognise the world any longer. Fear crept up on her as she looked around.

The colours... they were stunning and irritating at the same time. Where was she? Her mind tried to make sense of what happened. The stories that she had heard were really true, she thought. It had not been the sun, and neither the booze.

This place seemed to be a rift in the border between reality and the hungry nothingness of beyond. She slowly began to understand that this place must be an effect of this thing gnawing its way into reality. This was slowly but inevitably going to tear our world apart. The vortexes were a manifestation of the destructive forces at work. She was certain that there would be more of these cracks than the one she just entered.
How could this be stopped?, she thought. This foreign realm seemed vast and threatening! Are we really that close to our destruction? She felt like she was standing right at the heart of it.

She scanned the area around her, looking for clues about how to proceed. She noticed several levers, however, did not dare to pull any of them. She saw creatures crawling around in the distance, at least she assumed these were creatures. They had a weird glow on them. Everything in this place seemed to be buzzing with energy.

She was getting close to a collapse. All these colours, the panic and the energy did not become her very well. Everything was different. She took another close look around her to soak up as much information about this place as possible. We will need an army to save our world! - These were her last thoughts before she lost consciousness...

Further screenshots of this energetic otherworld can be found on some of our promoted and supported fansites.

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