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Dec 08 2005 -
Public Test Server Open
e have decided that it is necessary to test the stability of the servers including the revised magic system. Therefore, the test server will be open for everybody now. To log into the test server, make a copy of your Tibia folder. Start the copied Tibia client, check the option Test Server Login in the network preferences and log in. You will then receive a patch for your client. The player data were taken from the backup of November 29, 2005 so you may have to use your old password. Please note that you will not be able to log into the official servers with the test version of the client! Also, all level doors have been locked, so you will be unable to solve most quests.

Apart from beautiful new graphics everywhere and colourful light sources, all characters should observe a raised speed of their mana regeneration. Wands for sorcerers and rods for druids can either be bought in your local rune shop or looted from different creatures. They work similar to bows - you simply place them in your hand, target an enemy on the battle list and the wand will automatically fire, consuming a small amount of mana per shot at the same time. The wands work at different ranges - some require going rather close to the enemy, some will allow you to keep a safe distance between you and your foes. They can be held in one hand which means that you can carry a shield at the same time. The damage is a fix value that does not depend on experience or magic level. However, all wands have a level restriction and cannot be used by knights and paladins. Also, wands and rods have different damage types which affect their usefulness against certain creatures. Therefore, monsters that are immune to fire will not be effected by a rod that has fire damage.

Also note that you will need soul points now to cast supply spells such as creating arrows or food. Moreover, you will obtain a warning whenever you try to copy a link in the game. However, please note that this warning will not appear if you are sending somebody a link. Additionally, on all writeable papers, such as letters and parchments, the name of the last person that changed the document is shown.

Please report all errors you detect to a tutor, counsellor or gamemaster.

Please understand that the test server has only a limited capacity. Therefore, please try to join the test server some hours later if you cannot log into it right away.

Update: The public test server has ended and we would like to thank all participating players for their help.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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