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Dec 12 2005 -
Major Game Update 7.6
ear Tibia players,

the waiting is finally over. We proudly present the annual Christmas update 2005!

As of today, Tibia now has an all-new look! Much of the traditional graphics has been improved. Discover majestic ships, animated shorelines, craggy mountains, and many further exciting new details on the map. What's more, coloured light sources have been introduced which add a whole new touch to the game. Enter your favourite dungeon and enjoy the scary atmosphere!

Furthermore, as a first step to a complete revision of the game balancing, the magic system has been readjusted. Mana now regenerates at much higher rates to give you greater flexibility when using magic. The advancement in the magic arts will now be more challenging, as minimum experience levels are required to learn and use spells. Many further adjustments have been made, so check the spells page of the library section for details. Also, a whole new item class has been introduced. Wands and rods are powerful tools of magic that can be wielded in combat by sorcerers and druids. Go to your local magic shop and get your favourite wand or rod today!

In addition to these major changes, a number of minor adjustments have been made. For example, letters, labels and other editable items now show the name of the most recent editing character. Also, the automatic spam control has been extended to prevent massive spamming of different characters through private messages.

Two final notes: As has already been announced, all portable items that were stored in houses have been moved. You will find them in the corresponding depots, so do not be alarmed. However, please understand that all non-portable items that were stored in houses had to be deleted.
Finally, please note that the Linux client will no longer work because of the update, so it has been removed from the download section. If you would like to go on playing Tibia on a Linux system, we recommend you read the hint in the FAQ.

The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 7.6 from this website.

Enjoy the update!
Your CipSoft Team

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