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Apr 20 2016 -
Brave the Waves
hen waves of monsters come rushing in like a flood, will you hold the line?
When the clock is ticking down relentlessly, will you keep your wits about you?
When your friends fall, will you leave them without rope?

Warriors and daredevils, fighters and wannabes, show the Tibian world what you are made of! Monster arenas are about to open their gates and let you compete for the highest score...
Pull together as a team and employ your most cunning strategies as you mow your way through waves of enemies. Emerge as heroes, forged in the fires of battle!

When I found this handwritten flyer next to Thais' depot this morning, I immediately knew this will make headlines soon. Being the intrepid reporter I am, I called some of my battle-hardened friends to jump right into the fray and provide the Tibian world with first-hand coverage of this new type of arena.

A few seconds after we had entered the arena, a hideous creature lunged at me out of nowhere. I took a step back in shock and fell right down a hole into darkness and thick mud. I could barely move my feet so I started to shout for help. A fierce battle was already going on above me. Luckily, one of my friends finally roped me up. Back on the field, I quickly realised that we were a bit outnumbered. One of us was in severe danger, surrounded by several beasts. My saviour was already rushing towards him, carefully evading nasty spike traps on his way. I recognised a barrel right next to me. Without further thought, I grabbed it, pushed it right towards a growling monster nearby and ignited the barrel's fuse. I don't know what exactly happened afterwards because I blacked out, the last thing I saw being a large ball of fire engulfing both me and the creature.

My friends later told me that I had found a way to make tactical use of the highly explosive barrels down there. I was blown away (quite literally). We received a pretty decent score for our performance from the arena master but we aim for the top of the leaderboards, of course. So I'm already preparing for the next fight while writing these very lines.
I have attached a list with further information and provided the editors of promoted and supported fansites with a few more snapshots. Time for the next round...

Be bold, be fearless, be glorious!
Your roving reporter R.