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May 31 2016 -
Major Game Update 10.94
o you feel the energy, Tibians? This year's summer update has just been released. Before you start exploring, we would like to give you a short summary of what is new.

On his dark path to ascenscion, Ferumbras set things in motion that now threaten to tear apart the world. A sinister force is worming its way into our realm. Strange vortices have been spotted in Darama, Hrodmir and Zao and will draw you into an enigmatic otherworld. Fight your way through and overcome the challenges ahead to finally face the heart of destruction itself!

Survive on the brink of nothingness and keep the world devourer and its forces at bay to earn gold tokens that can be traded in for new items. These items can be charged with new temporary effects: critical hit, hit points leech and mana leech. Moreover, you can choose between three different types of charges which vary in duration and chance to trigger, and strength of the desired effect.

If you have premium status, you can now enjoy the convenience of Tibian bank transfers: NPCs can directly access your Tibian bank account if you want to buy something or travel. If you do not have enough money with you, they will deduct the missing amount from your bank account. So no more standing in front of a ship captain just to realise that you are out of cash.

Last but not least, PvE arenas have opened their gates in major Tibian cities! Gather your friends and employ your most cunning strategies as you mow your way through waves of pit demons. Time is of the essence to score high and earn arena badges. Five difficulty levels allow premium players to show off their PvE skills and make their way to the top of the leaderboards.

With the update, we also implemented a small adjustment of umbral master bows and umbral master crossbows. Both items have received a skill boost of +3 in distance fighting.

The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.94 from our download section. Please note that the download of the client will take longer than usual.

Enjoy the summer!
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