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Feb 17 2006 -
More Bug Fixes
s some of you might already have noticed, we have again fixed some bugs. Most important, it is not possible anymore to block a roof or a hill with items, players or creatures. Whenever you speak the magic words "Exani hur up" or start the daring attempt to climb a mountain on a wavering construction of parcels, you will succeed, no matter if somebody or something is already standing on this field.

Moreover, you do not have to miss important information anymore that are vanishing in your already spammed default. You can now open channels to your friends even though they are still offline. As soon as one of your friends logs in, you can receive his messages in your own private message channel without overlooking it in default. Please note that it is not possible anymore, to use a tilde "~" to complete a character's name when opening a new channel (Ctrl+O).

Finally, the name of the author of a letter or some other paper is only changed now if you actually modify something in the text. Just reading a text and then pressing "Ok" will not alter the author's name any longer.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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