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Sep 13 2016 -
Release of Tibia 11
ibians, we are thrilled to announce that Tibia 11, the brand-new version of the stand-alone client, has been officially released today!

Tibia 11.0 comes along with a launcher to install and update the client more conveniently. Most importantly, though, we have completely revamped the technical side of the client.
The old stand-alone client accompanied us for many years. We pushed it as far as we could but with client version 10 we eventually reached a point where the client's technical limitations and legacy issues regularly interfered with and hindered the development of Tibia. The stand-alone client was in dire need of an extensive technical upgrade to ensure its maintainability and expandability for the years to come. So to combat the challenges we faced with client version 10, we decided to build a new one from the ground up: Tibia 11, a client version that enables us to go beyond the restrictions of the previous version as we continue to develop Tibia further.

We have been working hard to make this happen and provide you with a stable, future-proof client. Months of extensive beta testing lie behind us, during which many players provided us with valuable feedback that helped us to dig out bugs and optimise Tibia 11 in terms of reliability and performance. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all voluntary testers again for their time and dedication!

Tibia 11 is now ready to take over the torch: As of today, it is the official standard client to play Tibia.
As such, it replaces the previous version of the stand-alone client, which is no longer officially supported from now on. This means that no more client-related adjustments or bug fixes will be made for it. Before long, it will not be possible anymore to login and play via client version 10 and you will need to upgrade to Tibia 11 to play via the stand-alone client.

You can find the new client version in our download section.

Tibia 11 features the familiar and established look and feel of the previous stand-alone client. Moreover, we already started improving certain aspects of the client to enrich your Tibia experience.

In order to celebrate this release, we have two special treats ready for you. Our sneak peek last week already hinted at a whole new feature that is waiting for you in Tibia 11: custom key bindings that allow you to assign and customise hotkeys all over your keyboard for fast and easy use, e.g. walk with WASD.
For quite some years already, players have been wishing to see one of the most popular features of the Tibia Flash client getting implemented in the stand-alone client. Yet, this simply was not feasible with the previous technology of the stand-alone client. Thanks to Tibia 11, we are able to deliver this feature to you now! In addition, further client improvements are already in the pipeline for the next weeks and months.

The second surprise we have in store for you will greet you right upon login via Tibia 11 to embark on your next Tibian adventure: a new login screen image! Log in via Tibia 11 to check it out!

We have summed up important information on Tibia 11 and related topics in a special FAQ for you. It may be a lot of information to take in but it can help to answer commonly asked questions so please make sure to read it thoroughly! If you would like to give feedback about Tibia 11, we invite you to use the designated board.

Software development is an ongoing process, so we will continue to further optimise Tibia 11, of course, and explore its capabilities to bring you exciting new content in the future. We are glad to have you aboard!

Journey onward!
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