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Sep 16 2016 -
Bug Fixes Tibia 11
e would like to thank you for all your constructive feedback. Today, the second round of bug fixes for Tibia 11 went online. The following issues were addressed:
  • We addressed a further issue with walking. Just shortly changing directions with your character should now work as expected.
  • Deactivting the option Highlight Mouse Target in the options menu now removes the blue highlighting of tiles, as well as the yellow glow from target creatures, for example. With this option deactivated, the highlighting of targets happens via a white frame in the game window.
  • The premium widget should no longer be shown to you if you are already premium.
  • The hotkey combination to open your skill window is now displayed correctly. It is ALT + S.
  • On European keyboards, the AltGr key should now work just like the left Alt key during attacks.
Thank you all for your reports, they help a lot. Please keep them coming!

Kind Regards,
Your Community Managers

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