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Sep 27 2016 -
New Features and Fixes for Tibia 11
ime to literally give you, fellow Tibians, a heads-up. Today, the Tibia 11 Client received two new features to improve your gaming experience.

If you want to keep track of your mana and health points you can now choose between two different heads-up displays (HUDs). Besides bars displayed over your head, there is an option to display broad, semi-transparent arcs on both sides of your character instead.

Furthermore, we implemented additional options to customise the character infos displayed on your screen. You can choose which information is displayed in the game window, e.g. your own character's name, health, mana and marks, or the names, health and marks of others.
You can choose your preferred settings in the new option's tab "status" at any time.

Additionally, we implemented new bug fixes:
  • Various containers should no longer scroll unintentionally.
  • A movement issue while walking on specific floor tiles is now fixed.
  • Opening the backpack in the tutorial now works as intended.
  • If Smart-Click is enabled, "Hi" is now sent to local chat after clicking on an NPC.
  • Setting a second hotkey for spells or potions no longer results in two separated hotkey entries.
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