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Oct 04 2016 -
Concerning DDoS Attacks Earlier This Year
etween May and the beginning of July, Tibia was targeted by massive DDoS attacks. Effectively addressing these malicious attacks was treated with high priority and we initiated various countermeasures to mitigate their impact. Additionally, we have been working on improving our infrastructure and the protection of our servers. Based on player feedback, we also optimised the accuracy of the automatic death compensation that triggers if a PvE death is identified as a direct consequence of exceptional connection issues such as a mass kick. After a careful evaluation, we have now decided to refrain from handing out an additional, manual compensation for the connectivity issues earlier this year on top of that.

Previous compensations for DDoS attacks were often discussed controversially among players and criticised as being unfair, insufficient or even too generous at times. Unfortunately, there is no compensation that would be considered fair by everyone since it is not possible to appropriately measure the individual impact DDoS attacks had on a player's gameplay experience and to determine the extent to which someone felt affected. Moreover, some players also pointed out that a compensation can be an incentive: DDoS compensations such as double XP/skill vouchers, for example, may encourage some people to attack us again in order to push us into handing out further compensations.

We will keep on doing our best to compensate players if their game experience was affected negatively due to a mistake or problem on our side. However, there are circumstances beyond our direct control and influence, such as malicious attacks on our services, for example. In these cases, we will from now on concentrate all our efforts and attention on protecting our infrastructure and on mitigating the impact of such assaults rather than focusing on an additional, manual compensation.

We would like to thank you again for your immense support and patience and for bearing with us. Of course, dealing with DDoS is an ongoing process so we will continue to update our measures and do our best to provide you with a smooth, enjoyable game experience.

See you in Tibia!
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