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May 05 2006 -
Public Test Server Open
o check the new features of the soon to come technical update, a test server was set up which is open for everybody now. To log into the test server, make a copy of your Tibia folder. Please download the client for the test server. Put the file Tibia.exe in your copy of the Tibia folder. Start the downloaded Tibia client, check the option Test Server Login in the network preferences and log in. The player data were taken from the backup of May 3rd, 2006 so you may have to use your old password. Please note that you will not be able to log into the official servers with the test version of the client! Also, all level doors have been locked, so you will be unable to solve most quests.

Again, we will set up two test servers. All characters which play on an European game world (e.g. Antica) can join the server "Testa" whereas all characters on an American game world (e.g. Amera) are able to enter "Testera".

New features you can actively test are the new handling of the trade channel as well as the white list which allows you to select characters that may message you while ignoring all other private messages. Also you can choose now whether private messages should be displayed in your game window or just in the console. To deactivate private messages in your game window, deselect Show Private Messages in Game Window in the console options.

The client will now also support DirectX version 9.0 and OpenGL. It will select the best version for your computer when you log into the game. If you experience problems, you can select yourself in the advanced graphics options if your client should use DirectX 5.0, DirectX 9.0, or OpenGL. If you cannot start the client, right-click on your Tibia icon and select Properties. In the tab Shortcut, look for the line Target. Leave everything in this line as it is. Only at the end of the line leave a space, then add engine, leave another space and add 0 for DirectX 5.0, or 1 for OpenGL, or 2 for DirectX 9.0.

Please report all errors you detect to a tutor, counsellor or gamemaster. If your client should crash, you can report the error text directly in a predefined dialog that will appear at your next login.

Please understand that the test server has only a limited capacity. Therefore, please try to join the test server some hours later if you cannot log into it right away.

Update: The public test server has ended and we would like to thank all participating players for their help.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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