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Nov 02 2016 -

The Challenger - Special Edition: Imbuing

pecial EditionThais, Venore, Carlin: 99 gps / all other cities: 120 gps 


Special Edition: Imbuing

- Quests are for Heroes -

Dear esteemed readers, subscribers, and fans of THE CHALLENGER,

During the last few weeks, we have received numerous letters inquiring about imbuing, a long lost art of binding magic onto items that has been rediscovered recently together with the ancient civilisation of the Astral Shapers. Reason enough to send some of our most diligent reporters on a mission to collect as much details about imbuing as possible. In this special edition of THE CHALLENGER, we have compiled everything that has been unearthed so far to keep our readers informed.

Your Challengers

Imbuements and Imbuing

  • Imbuements allow you to add certain temporary effects to your equipment.
  • Depending on the item you want to imbue, different imbuements are available to augment your equipment: elemental damage, elemental protection, skill boosts (including speed), critical hit, hit points leech, and mana leech.
  • Imbuements vary not only in effect but also in power:
    • Basic imbuements can be carried out by free and Premium accounts. They are available once you are able to use imbuing shrines.
    • Intricate imbuements are more effective than basic ones and can only be carried out if you have Premium status. They are available as soon as you can use imbuing shrines.
    • Powerful imbuements are the most effective at the moment and can only be carried out if you have Premium status. They can be carried out at imbuing shrines once you have unlocked them via quests.
  • While intricate and powerful imbuements can only be carried out by Premium players, they can be used by all players, even those without Premium status.
  • You need certain astral sources, commonly known as creature products, to imbue an item. Which astral sources and how many of them are needed depends on the imbuement you want to carry out. Moreover, a gold fee needs to be paid whenever you imbue an item.
  • Imbuing an item may not always succeed. For a certain amount of gold, though, you can raise your success rate to 100%.
  • Once an item has been imbued successfully, the imbuement effect lasts for a certain amount of time. Time will only decrease when the imbued item is equipped.
  • Imbuable items can have up to three imbuement slots. They can only be imbued at imbuing shrines which can be found in the temples of all major cities and in certain places outside of cities.
  • If you use an imbuing shrine with such an item, the imbuing interface will pop up. There, you can see the number of imbuement slots of the item in question and details about each imbuement that is available for it.
imbuing interface in Tibia 11 - click to enlarge
  • You can also use imbuing shrines to check the remaining time of active imbuements and to remove an active imbuement from a slot for a certain amount of gold.
  • For a quick check of available imbuement slots and active imbuements, you can simply look at an item. Let's take the demon armor from the image above as an example:
              You see a demon armor (Arm:16).
              Imbuements: (Powerful Dragon Hide 20:00h, Free Slot).
              It weighs 80.00 oz.
  • More bits and pieces about imbuing can be found here.