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May 17 2006 -
Technical Update 7.7
inally, the already announced technical update has been launched today. Beside a few bug fixes, we have implemented several new features that should make your life as a Tibia player easier.

Are you annoyed by disturbing private messages that are displayed in your game window while fighting a strong monster? In the console options you can now choose whether you would like to have private messages displayed only in your console or also in your game window. Moreover, the newly implemented white list allows you to receive private messages from selected players only while ignoring all others. Additionally, you have now the ability to activate and deactivate the settings of your ignore and your white list.

A great feature to improve the quality of the public channels is the newly implemented statement control. Senior tutors are now able to directly report rule violating statements from all 4 public channels (trade channel, help channel, game-chat and rl chat) to customer support. This will ensure that illegal and insulting statements are handled more efficiently.

Everybody that plays in a network will surely appreciate the extra safety that is provided by password encryption. Players that experienced problems with their high-performing 3-D graphic cards in the past, will surely enjoy the better game performance since the client is now supporting DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL. Furthermore, all players can report error messages directly to CipSoft via a dialog that pops up at the next login if their client crashes.

The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 7.7 from this website.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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