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Jan 10 2017 -

It's Time to Rhyme

he towncryer yells: "From far and wide you shall appear, to celebrate a special year! You should follow my advice, since you can win a special price. Write a poem in the feedback field and you may win a special shield."

We would like to give our players the chance to win a very rare and special item in gratitude for all the wonderful and amazing years we have spent together. 
All you have to do to participate in our contest is send us a rhyme of your own personal Tibia story via a special feedback form between the server saves of January 10 and January 17.
Share a small anecdote of your life in Tibia with us, one that has stayed in your memory over the years. Let your creativity run wild and compose nice verses. For a better illustration we have prepared an example:

"A knight from Celesta once bought green tunics in a daze. Alas, she forgot her lack of space. She couldn't carry any more, so the tunics landed on Edron's floor."

Those who write us a short rhyme or poem get the chance to win a Shield of Honour!
The only time these shields were handed out was during Tibia's 5th anniversary.
Now, 15 years later, we will give out 20 of these shields again.
Out of all valid entries, 200 will be drawn randomly, from which the community managers will select their 20 personal favourites. 
Spare no efforts, since your rhymes might be heard all over Thais one day. An NPC reciting the winners' poems will be implemented in the following months. 

Additionaly, the winning poems will be transcribed onto old scrolls and we will publish these on our Facebook page.

To make sure you provide a valid entry we highly recommend that you read our participation rules first.

Best of luck to all participants,
Your Community Managers

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