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Jan 07 2017 -

Happy Anniversary Tibia!

inally, the day is here! Tibia is 20 years old, and in contrary to what some people may think, very much alive!

Come celebrate with us, Tibians! Over the next few weeks, we will party big time!

Many activities are waiting for you this January. Pay a visit to the islands Vigintia and Nostalgia, for example, and while you are on Nostalgia, do not miss out on your chance to battle the horros of the past in a special PvE arena. You can find a detailed schedule of all events in our featured article. Join the fun!

Who would have ever guessed that a game as big as Tibia would arise from a hobby project started by these four adventurers, so many years ago...

Without you, Tibians, all this would not be possible! You are the ones who have kept Tibia alive all those years, with your passion, your dedication, your creativity, and also your patience and perseverance. There have been some rough times in Tibia's life, too. But you have stayed with us, have provided us with feedback and bug reports, critique, as well as positive comments. You have often brought smiles to our faces. We and Tibia are lucky to have you all with us. Thank you for playing and thank you for being a part of all this. Thank you for these past 20 years, and we hope you'll accompany us on Tibia's journey in the future, too!

We also want to use this opportunity to honour guilds that have existed for a long time once again. The guild leaders of guilds that have supported and backed up brave warriors for 5 years or longer, counting backwards from today, will receive 20 special tapestries embroidered with the guild's age and the guild's name. In addition, the three oldest guilds on each game world will receive a goblet with a special inscription. A bronze goblet for the third oldest guild, a silver goblet for the second oldest guild, and a golden goblet for the oldest. Of course, we suggest you display these decorative items in your guildhalls!

Let's celebrate!
Your CipSoft Team

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