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Jun 09 2006 -
Solutions for Faulty Automaps
ersion 7.71 of the Tibia client contained a problem regarding the automap. In areas that have not been explored yet, the automap occasionally displayed parts of other areas. With the patch for version 7.72, which was launched yesterday, the problem has been solved. Unfortunately, all players that were affected by this problem, still have those flawed areas saved in their ".map" files. There are two ways to remove these incorrect mapfiles from your computer.

Firstly, there is an automatic option. We have written a tool called MapCheck which will check all automap files and remove all those which may have been affected. You can download this tool here. Save it to your Tibia folder and start it with a double click on the MapCheck icon. Follow the instructions of the tool.

It is also possible to solve this problem manually. However, this way should only be chosen by players that have a solid knowledge of computers. Simply delete all automap files that have been created between May 31st (launch of version 7.71) and June 8th (launch of version 7.72). Please note that the date of creation of the files is of importance rather than the day of modification.

After removing the faulty mapfiles, all areas you have visited for the first time in the last week will be black again on your automap. All wrongly displayed maps will be gone.

Please understand that you do not have to do anything mentioned above if your automap looks fine.

Kind regards,
Your CipSoft Team

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